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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A corn a day keeps the toilet bowl at bay

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I'm on miserable day no. 2.Yes,yours truly is on a last-ditch diet to try to squeeze into her wedding dress.Grr.I remember the last time I went on a diet..nights was spent with maggie who was my diet buddy hanging out at the mamak drinking mineral water bitching over endless fags..that was until that woman started feeling faint and we had to stop the diet. No doubt I lost about 6kgs over the space of two weeks,but further efforts to repeat the diet has failed miserably...and due to my outrageous eating habits(daily buffet breakfasts) since me and Bacon got together, most of that effort had been erased - god I love my food.

I also remember the diet before last, where me and dreydrey had to stay away from human contact cause we were both on the stupid tuna diet - and that includes watching starwars at 9.30am and bringing a picnic with us to the cinema. Crazy people eating beetroot and cans of tuna in a cinema.But we did lose weight in that three days,just to have it magically come back again.I could not touch a tuna sandwich for 6 months.

So this cornflake diet thing is doing my head in.I'm perpetually hungry, I'm unhappy and I'm utilising the toilet for no.2 like it's going out of fashion..all this fiber is apparently cleansing as it flushes it all outta you,but I'M STILL HUNGRY! It's simple really.Two bowls of cornflakes a day, and a sensible dinner. Snacks are even allowed - preferably fruits. No need to cook, and prepare a normal dinner like you would usually eat. Seeing that I never have time to do breakfast before work, I only had one bowl of cereal during lunch, supplemented by yoghurt or fruits for the elevenses. Should help since I used to gorge on cherry pies,steak pies in the morning with bacon sanwiches on weekends - don't ask.

I don't think I can do this much longer - might need to supplement it with some leaves from my garden (its starting to resemble an edible salad patch!) and a boiled egg or two.Maybe a can of tuna. Maybe I should just come up with my own diet. Maybe I should just accept the fact that I will never look good in a bikini again...:(.Maybe looking like the pilsbury doughboy is not such a bad idea after all.

I hate diets. I hate skinny girls.


Anonymous dreymer said...

you think you are the only one? who wants to see a fat bridesmaid! argh!!! my only hope is that i don't end up looking like tweedle dee in a parachute on D-day :( i have breakfast and only resort to fruits for lunch. but becoz my mom is fearful of me getting 'skinny', she stuff me potatos for dinner. she's so mean. i can't believe her. then she'll make fun of my belly.

6/21/2006 02:33:00 AM  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

You may think you are bigger now, but my dear Sourrain come back to the US. I can show you some really fat women! And judging by the pictures in the last post, you are not one.

P.S. I guess that is the closest to a bikini pic we get , deshou?

6/21/2006 10:01:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

That's the last time I look presentable in a bikini..:)

It doesnt help that because Bacon is really looking like the fatass he is, keep saying that 'We need to lose some weight'... subsequently implying that im a rotund little doughboy. And then after he manage to get the point across that we're ''both'' fat, he head out to the pub to get fatter

Dreydrey: beat beat your mother! Nolar, I mean, everything should be in moderation..for dinner I eat quite alot as well, as I've been starving all day. Oops, gone my secret..

6/22/2006 09:53:00 AM  

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