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Friday, September 16, 2005

Me is no sober

Thought I might try this senseless happy blogging..

Random thoughts:now that im moving to england,my england seem to becum veli powderfull. Mommy is very proud of my now non-existent engerand..NOT!

Ok..started the night off at Zeta @ Hilton KL.Very unimpressive, small chunk of a place filled with has-beens,wannabes and the Now-that-im-here-let-me-pose posses. Cutthroat expensive drink prices..rm 30 for a simple cocktail and the price goes upwards from there.Urg. Left after one drink,could'nt stand that cockshit that they call music.

Headed out and bumped into Chakie...the voice of Monash University with the "My name is Lau Chak Onn and I am the editor of a respected/established/hip electronic/toys/electric/IT magazine." Hee hee.Chakie don't kill me...especially since it's his birthday this sat-TODAY! Happy old age to Chakie! I mean 26th..

The older you get,the more your balls will sag and so will your chin and bum..lalalala...

Anyway...got out of hilton and headed towards the Cotton Club at Maju Junction.Chilly jazz bar,it looks completely empty from outside. I LOVED IT!

Pssst: Let you in on a secret okay.This place has ladies nite on fridays!!! The ONLY place in this city I call home that offers free drinks to the fairer sex on a FRIDAY! Peak time ok..no place on earth does this.And beers for the whole month of Sept is only RM29nett per jug.Ohmigosh of course I loved this place! If you dont, you are mad.

Took a look at the food menu as well and was quite impresssed wth the price.Well within the TGIFriday's range,this is affordable but the whole setup is very classy with wall to ceilling mosaic tiles

Note to self: must whore more to get a new camera to take piccies when doin a drunken review!

The first step of the AA 12 step program is admittin that you have a problem.And then you just go downhill from then.

So long folks....I am so going to regret this in the morning but who cares


Blogger mooiness said...

Woohoo! More more more!

And yes shame on you for not taking photos. Btw, tonight should expect one more of these drunken happy high high posts right? :P

9/17/2005 03:14:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Eh..aren't you supposed to be at some hotel?

9/17/2005 03:43:00 AM  

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