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Friday, September 30, 2005

This is drey drey...

YC once blogged that :

"Girls are for friendship, Guys are for fucks."

How true.

This is auntie, aka drey aka maidzilla. She is speshia, so shes here.

I see-o!

She followed me all the way to hong kong, nursing my crazed out mind and returning with a broken heart....


She do stupid things with me like swimming at 3.30am on the rooftoop pool of Ascott KL, staring into KLCC's lights.. ..

Irritating Jap

Posing with stupid styrofoam bits and ink catridges... .

happy sad

She sacrificed herself to sleep with me on my birthday, neglecting her bf....

Bed time

What? Sleep only lah!
*I had a bash at a hotel ok...

Other auntie-like things:

  • Stalking Victoria's Secret stores all over California
  • Making snow angels and eating frozen sesame noodles in a frozen picnic
  • Photoshopped fur onto an irritating girl who keeps wanting to take pictures with us
  • Going on silly brainless diets which we ended up going out with each other only as we were afraid to eat
  • Hearing me moan nonstop for 3 months about the cheating ex
  • Buying me sunscreen from US..which I just remembered I have yet to pay her back!
  • Getting screamed on the phone by my weird ex's insane new aunty girlfriend
  • Shopping at WalMart and having steaks at Denny's
  • Heating frozen roti canai that her parents bought over from Malaysia..which has essentially gone bad in the 24hr journey,but we were desperate!
  • Dragging me from Lan Kwai Fong to a taxi, to the hotel room, then running out of energy, left me sleeping fully dressed with runny makeup on


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