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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sundays in Leeds

There's nothing I love more than a proper Sunday Roast dinner. Usually consisting of roast beef/turkey, mash, veggies, gravy and of course, the not to be missed Yorkshire staple, the Yorkshire pudding.

More like a burnt piece of pastry than choc pudding or even rice pudding, I have had it only twice before in my life, both times made by The ex-bf, the so-called greatest chef in Malaysia with his own restaurant to boot. Then I discovered the UK and all hell went loose.

Back to Sunday Dinners...

Oops, wrong picture..

First Sunday I was there we popped over to the Spindle Tree, which serves platters of Sunday dinners. It really drives me bonkers when lunch is called dinner in UK. I mean, they call dinner tea! I was invited over for tea at one of Si's friends' place....at 7.30pm. Of course I was expecting a cuppa and some sandwiches and biscuits!! How odd to be serving tea at dinner time. But what ended up being served was wasta pasta...grrr.

Ok, I digress..back to my yummy foody

Sunday Roast

A platter-full of meats, veggies, spuds and the infamous yorkshire pudding...throw in some horseradish (I'm really into that as well) and you have a great meal!

Dig in

....as you can see the Bacon digging in with relish...or rather, horseradish.Yeah I know...lame joke.Bah

Spindle Tree pub
A well-fed couple is a happy couple

As this is a Sunday thingy, I insisted on Sunday dinners again the day I left...and we poped over to Roundhay Fox, located right opposite the huge Roundhay Park north of Leeds.

Golfing with the spoon
Bacon golfing with a wooden ladle..

Sliced roast beef

Served with a pig in blanket, veggies, yorkshire pud, two sort of potatoes and an array of sauces.

Amongst this delicious platter, their cheddar mash was to die for!!!!! Mash with baked with cheddar cheese, it's got this crispy baked cheese top to it that is out of the world! This is the first time that I finished my potatoes...yummm.

turkey dinner
More of the same in turkey.

Roundhay Fox pub
Well-fed and happy again!
After that amazing dinner/lunch, we were too full to just go right back to the car, so went for a stroll at Roundhay park

A spurting autumn
I bloody love autumn..

Koi reflections

Look at them colors...I can't help it..I know this post is supposedly about yorkshire pudding and Sunday dinners but I need to camwhore..sorry.

Baby tree
It's so pretty!! *claps hands in a bimbostic manner*

Apparently this is used to feed the horses of tired travellers...


Blogger mooiness said...

Yours and Nadia's blogs are like an oasis of calm tranquility for me today. Hehe.

You both look good and those autumn are too lovely. Did that sound gay? HAhahaha.

Anyways, I believe that happiness can be rubbed off. Thanks for making me happy with your pics today. :)

p.s. I just can't help but fighting them ignorant fools.

10/26/2005 06:10:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Yeah I know...this is why I thought I would camwhore a little...too geram with those imbeciles.

Autumns are amazing..and so are sunday dinners yumyum

Wait la, later I camwhore my earrings..had an earring restock over the weekend.

10/26/2005 06:35:00 AM  
Blogger dreymer said...

why does that blue denim skirt look so familiar??? why?? did we buy it somewhere together?

are those boots suede? you need to go to ALDO. they have fucking beautiful boots. i wished i could get me a pair. some got flower somemore.. and some got fur too! damn nice.

10/28/2005 02:10:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

No no...cos I just bought it there. You might've mistaken it for the brown suede pair that I had in US.

I had a similar skirt from GAP..but it's too big now,so this is a new one.

Ok ok I go Aldo..where is aldo? My this pair of suede boots are carpeted inside...damn comfy.I need another pair in black..then it's perfect already.

10/28/2005 03:20:00 PM  

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