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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Normality sucks

Very unlike me, work has peaked up during this couple of days and I'm actually busy...like one would be after 2 weeks off work. No time to sort out wedding piccies yet..there must be around 1000+ in total.I look absolutely humongous in them....not happy at all with that but you know what? Screwit. It's done and over with, and I'm glad its over and now I can get on with life...like planning to move houses.All so grown up innit?

This weekend I'm off to one of the events that the people of Leeds rave 'makes our city of international standard'. Opera in the Park is held every year and it features all assortment of opera-like singers and such.Oh so posh.Can you tell yet that the only reason I'm going is because its free? My only brush with opera was a Madame Butterfly production. Held in a huge park, it's just a reason for me to bring a picnic and booze out in the park.

To try to get back into the way of things in boring-land, might do some strawberry picking this weekend as well...and pop into GAP for my weekly dose or therapy.Not like as if I am allowed to shop....received the ccard statement today and my eyes almost popped out.I've spent in the environs of £200 on makeup and skincare ALONE in the past two weeks.

I'm hungry (again) ...so its time to head off home to cook myself Spam Fried noodle with a side dish of curry chicken. I wonder if I were to hawk this in Penang what would it be called?

My currants needs to be turned into jars of jam, my cherries needs to be preserved as well. Welcome back Mrs Bacon.


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