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Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Fun...Men and Martinis.........

By my figuring, Sourrain must be knee deep in post wedding fun now. She's also probably trying to cram in visits with LOTS of friends she has not seen since she left for England. Also, by my guessing, those same friends never had the opportunity to give her a proper "hen party". So now she's married, celebrating it for the second time, and for all I know she has not had the opportunity to celebrate with a 1 pound note in her mouth and a guy with 6-pack abs gyrating in front of her. So...in the spirit of fair play(since I post babes and beer on my blog):

Which of course should be started off with two of these:

Nice glasses!

Hopefully she and Bacon are clinking the frosty glass together as we speak. You go Girl!


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