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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The long road home

And the countdown starts...at day 3.

I can't wait to land.Not really looking forward to the journey from home to KLIA..I am extremely prone to being stopped by pervy ole custom officers.Grr. I don't get it. I don't look like a terrorist, I don't look like a drug addict...do I look like I'm smuggling something? The only times I dont get stopped by Malaysian custom officers is when:

1) I wait for a bunch of cheena package tours tourists comming from shopping places like Thailand/HK/Singapore to land and let them face the customs first.I will then whizz through due to lack of due dilligence. Once it failed, because there was 3 female students from china in front of me...they thought we were all friends so they stopped me..grr.
2) I wait for someone with bigger bags than me to go first.Usually works.
3) I travel with Bacon and hold his hands whilst going through customs. SOmehow they seem to think that if I'm with a gwailou I'll be too rich to smuggle 10 packs of Jacobs Cream Crackers through customs (which is what I'm actually doing this time..apparently my grandmother loves em')
4) I smuggle two other bottles of alcohol in my luggage...all the time displaying those that I had just purchased from the duty free in a transparent carrier bag.
5) I slap on the makeup and pretty up before leaving the plane..if I look like I've just stepped out of a cover of a magazine instead of a 14hour flight, somehow they think I wont be carrying the 400 sticks of cigarettes in my luggage.

Ah well. I have a two hour transfer time in Heathrow...which is hopefully enough time for me to disembark my first flight, run to another terminal and start shopping.Mmmm...shopping.

Arrive in KL at 5.30pm Sat just in time to start the weekend's partying.Anyone wanna be my welcome party in KLIA?


Blogger mooiness said...

Damn you sound like you are an old hand at smuggling shit. Heh.

Here's to a good flight, and a good wedding and reception. Unless you post again, in which case I will be repeating myself later. :P

6/28/2006 02:02:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Thats prolly why they keep checking me huh...

I will post again.Confirmed.I even have it ready dee...:P

6/28/2006 04:33:00 PM  

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