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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A football widow's tale

Seeing that Bacon is so into football we could've move into a football shaped house,my postings have been suprising lacking in terms of football updates and the amount of games I've been forced to watch.I've been in denial since Team USA lost, and I still refuse to support Team England (don't sound right)...joining the ranks of the Scottish supporting all teams but England. Sales of mangoes had even soared in Scotland due to an unprecedented amount of Carriben-themed parties held in conjunction to support teams like trinidad & tobago when they played against England

Anyway...back to what I originally wanted to post about.

About 0.01% of us will ever get a chance to do this...Michelle had embraced this football widow thing with joy and even amazingly got tix to watch a world cup match. And she didn't even sway when offered 1000 euros for the tix..imagine the shopping that can be done with that.

See her pix of the cute tyre shaped stadium here


Blogger mishellz said...

lol, yes I can imagine going shopping crazy, not to mention €1000x2.. but I'm starting to be a fan, I could even predict which players Klinsmann was going to put as subs before hand. Hubby was impressed no doubt.

i wouldn't support England thou..rather support motherland - Malaysia boleh :P

6/29/2006 12:50:00 PM  

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