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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Admit it, you love it!

Every country has it's own version to feed it's starving college students and the occasional junk addict.Call it Ramen, call it Maggi Mee Goreng or whatever, we've all been there done that, irregardless of flavour

Britain's version is an amusing combination of the east (noodles) and the west (flavourless curry flavour). I keep a spare sweet and sour pot noodle at work - because I like to tease myself looking at it whilst blindlessly slurping down the mush I call cereal. Even though nothing can beat my Maggi Szechuan flavoured Mee in my Mug, it's actually quite nice the sweet and sour pot noodle..reminds me of commercialized american chinese food that me and dreydrey used to eat nearly weekly...Orange Chicken anyone?

Anyway...I love watching ads (yes, one of the crazies) and my current fav advert just so happens to be the Pot Noodle one. Over the years they had been quite controversial in their marketing tactics..heck, there is only so many starving students living on a diet of Pot Noodles.
"The advert shows miners going down the mines to get the precious Noodles that make Pot Noodles (because everybody knows that pot noodles grow underground in mines), and different miners are shown working in the Beef & Tomato mines and Curry mines and as the miners are shown hard at work the miners are shown singing a welsh song."
Watch it here.

In a completely non-racist way; I've always loved the Welsh..I think they speak in a hilariously sing-songy way..the way they speak is like listening to a nursery rhyme I can almost fall asleep.Somewhat like Malaysians with our Lahs at the end of all sentences. Its so funny to see them mine for noodles in such a serious way; one of the series of ads even had the miners recount when his grandfather, as one of the first PotNoodle miner, found the noodles in the mine.

Its a real shame that there's been complaints that the advert is racist towards the Welsh and will probably be removed from the airwaves soon...I dont' get this overdrive of political correctness gone wrong

It just reminds me of a BBC show in the 60s which, on april's fool, had decided to make a spoof documentary that explained spaghetti grow on trees, complete with footage of spaghetti farmers in Italy plucking strands of spaghetti from trees....and believe or not, the nation actually believed it! And got really mad when they were told otherwise


Blogger mishellz said...

i miss Maggie Mee Goreng at mamak :(

6/29/2006 12:51:00 PM  

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