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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I dont wanna go... part 2

I have never said so many sorrys as I have today.I have never felt so loved as I have today.

Thus,due to popular demmand, I'd be back in 2 weeks time. I'd spend another 3-4 weeks in this place I call home before I move on to the cold, lonely place I will hopefully be able to call home.Complete with a redbrick house, apron and a black cat.

I remember my first blog entry,when I was catching planes like I was hopping on taxis. I seem to be at it again. I moved on from friendster blogs in anticipation of blogging better.Instead,I seem to have taken a step back in time. Depression does that to you all the time. I hate myself for being such a horrible blogger,but everything has to take a step back whilst I make the bravest decision of my life yet.

Again, I am sorry.I am sorry to all the people whom without them, my life will be incomplete,yet I chose to leave them behind. Colleagues and friends who have guided me, followed my process of falling in love with much interest and the eventual Tiffany diamond on my finger with joy.

And now the diamond-less finger.

I am sorry.So very sorry for leaving everyone who made my life worth living behind, whilst I chase after the one thing in life I cannot live without.

I'd be back in two weeks time, hopefully with a blondie in tow.Wait for me. Do NOT hardsequence at the Sepang rave without me!!


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