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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Back to reality-Sourrain cannot put it off any longer.

Figuring out an excuse to come to Tokyo that it is.

I just found out they opened a Krispy Kreme in Shinjuku 8 days ago! Despite several other outlets serving similarly sweet foodstuffs – and a few further factors facing the new franchise – the Japanese mantra of ‘if it’s new, we will come – en masse’ has once again been put into effect, with the first Krispy Kreme shop in Japan receiving the customary fad-based fanfare over the weekend.

And whilst an elderly security guard fortunately found the crowd sedate as well as sweet-toothed, the huge amount of people was reminiscent of the recent PlayStation 3 pandemonium – click here to see the massive number of sugar lovers willing to wait their turn.

Which in 6 months time could well have dwindled to a couple of foreigners and the odd donut devotee. (Me!)

Oh, and for what its worth, the S.O. and I had a good time on our "retreat" this weekend!


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