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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Food wonderful food.

I promised you some food ideas and here they are. Only problem is they are not mine. Sadly for Sourrain there is no Nasi Lemak, but there are things here equally as good.

One of the blogs I link to is A Geezer's Corner. Published by a a gun toting former submariner who now works with a nuclear reactor in California, he has published a lot of his recipes. I've tried the following one just last night. Its for some mighty tasty bean soup.

Follow the link for the recipe!

Its pretty easy to make, although its best made and simmered over time. When it comes to eating, its always best to add some white bread or corn bread and the following two staples:

Catsup, and hot sauce.


For a complete list of his online recipes, follow the link here


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