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Thursday, September 22, 2005

UK Explored- Food!

I'm hungry...yumyum

Roast pork at a sidewalk store..Scarbrough

Cod Fish& Chips eaten the traditional takeaway style..from the world famous Magpie in Whitby

Haddock Fish & Chip from a local pub...look at that ucky green thing on the side...the puke inducing mushy peas..

My Roast beef in a giant Yorkshire Pudding..Look at that brown pastry bit that's holding the beef like a bowl! Yum..

Gammon steak. It's like a thick slice of salty ham, served with a slice of pineapple and fried egg.

Steak with Mushrooms & Onion rings..Pathetically disgusting..hard as a rock,it tastes like malaysian steaks, nothing like my IHOP or Denny's steak.Dissapointing

Lemon-top ice cream at Whitby & Scarbrough..I had 4 ice creams that day..heehee.

Fudge! Delicious Rum & Raisin Fudge in York..yumm

OK...I'm going to run along to buy me some food..


Blogger mooiness said...

Shit I actually felt saliva building up in my mouth. EVIL! I want me some of that steak and chips right now!

9/22/2005 04:52:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Yummy eh? That gammon steak was amusing..one big slab of ham. I thought it was porky steaks.

9/22/2005 05:56:00 AM  

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