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Monday, November 07, 2005

tick tock tick tock...

It is 5 days, 20 hours, 45 minutes and 39 seconds until 13 November 2005

Soon, soon. Now that it's actually nearing I'm getting quite sad about my impending move.Sigh...at last, it is becoming true.

More carnage over the weekend. Saturday started with a trip to Chinatown Classics at Midvalley for a endless fashion show of Qi Pao.The model? yours truly. All of them were frayed at the edges or really really old...that shop is really hopless. Material snagged with the caress of a finger nail.

Being the stubborn me, I insist that I still want my qi pao.So I eventually picked the one that fits me like second skin and proceeded to pay for it. Hah! I got as far as the cashier writing me a receipt for the goods I had yet to pay for.

The frog clasps on the qi pao was so frayed I could not even hold it together. All that at the moment I was about to hand over my cash. Obviously I cannot buy a tattered piece of brocade trying to pass itself off as a qi pao...they agreed with me that I shouldnt be buying that but proceeded to hang it back up as new! Hoping that some other idiot will fall for it and not check properly

So people...stay away from Chinatown classics. They are passing off pieces of tattered brocade as beautiful qi pao, and it apparently works cause they've got a branch in KLCC as well.


It basically ruined my day, as I was qipao obsessed..and to come so near to purchasing it really brought me down. The only thing that I bought that day was a blusher at MAC and nothing else. Dissapointment.

Oh yah, I bought myself a cleaver.No kidding. That was how bad my day went..

I was still cheezed off on Sunday, so I dragged my sorry self down to Central Market in my hunt for a qipao. And voila...I found one at last. In ugly dark blue color...but what the heck...at least it fits me like a second skin.

Those on the hunt for qipaos and other chinesy clothings should hunt at Martha's Silk in Central Market. They've got two back-to-back stores..go to the bigger one as there are more choices and the saleswoman is waaay friendlier. Look out for the boss..a sullen looking young bloke who stares at you like you've killed his mother. The strange part was that I pretended that I did not understand Cantonese..so when the salesgirl tried giving me a bigger discount, he refused to answer her and he told me he wasn't the boss so he can't make the decision. Then why the hell was he lurking and staring at me for the whole of two hours I was there?? Bloody took.

I went away with a turquoise brocade jacket/top for my First-day-of-chinese-new-year outfit, the dark blue qipao and a top for Bacon. Damage? RM310. Dirt freaking cheap..tsk tsk.

Happiness is a state of mind. Getting Chinese New year shopping done for me and Bacon is a state of mind.

Now, all I need are angpow packets to bring along


Blogger mooiness said...

You only give out angpows when you are married. Wait .... is there something that I don't know? ;)

11/07/2005 06:06:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Hahaha...I'm just planning for..erm..the unexpected. Don't want suprises to come bite you in the behind now, do we?

11/07/2005 06:47:00 AM  

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