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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weekend overdue

I've been a very, very bad girl

Yes, I know. It's Thursday and I have not blogged in nearly a week...about how I blew a whole load of cash over the weekend on a variety of wants and not needs

Gone, gone , gone. I am spending more than I earn and definately gearing up for a siu lai lai lifestyle. Now, if only I can find one rich poppa, poke me, I'm done!!

Damage No. 1:

Woohoo a new baby! Been wanting one of these for ages..after my poor ixus cracked under pressure from too many clicks, I have been surviving on toting around dinosaur-like bricks disguised as cameras.

Very very cool...but...I'm too lazy to upload the 100s of pictures that I've snapped..:P.Will do that soon lar ok?

Damage No. 2:
More horny moisturiser and a huge bottle of oil

Throw in a compact powder encased in a laquer container, we're dolled up and spent out!.

Damage No. 3:
{lunabliss} investment is not cheap. Pearls, crystals, cloisonne beads,lampwork beads, millefiori beads...all treated as an investment. Watch out for pictures of the collection comming out soon..or email me at lunablissuk at gmail dot com
Not sure if I'd get a chance to do anything much before I leave next weekend..things are getting so horribly busy around work, home,friends and shopping...I'm trying to slot in a little partying here and there as well so it's busy busy busy.

This weekend I'm in hope of seeing Seb Fontaine again. He's hot, he's good and I like:). Too bad I won't be around for John Digweed or Carl Cox....I'd be listening to Sugababes in Leeds instead...grr..

Why Sugababes? Well, when I was in the UK, one of Bacon's friends complained to me that the Bacon had filled his camera with pictures of Sugababes.They were at the V festival, where Pete Tong plays amongst other god-like figures....

But Bacon ran off from the pack to gawk at Sugababes singing round,round baybeh round round....

*tsk*tsk*. Like WTF???!!!


Blogger mooiness said...

So Bacon is impressed by the SugaBabes enough to want to see them in concert a second time then. Joy. :P

They are good what. Heh.

11/03/2005 06:22:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Round round their ass....

hahahahha. Embarrasment. When they told me I wanted to dissaper into the ground..

11/03/2005 08:34:00 AM  

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