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Friday, August 11, 2006

The demise of an era

I popped over to 12si on my last night in KL, only to find it in shambles and disarray. The great KL insitution had bowed to the pressure and closed down at last after many years of partying.It shocked many of us,yes even those living in KL who now makes the weekly pilgrimnage to Zouk instead

This was my home for more than two years.And this was where I learnt to be a card wielding bottle owner; which costed me 20% of my monthly salary. Then they gave me a member's card so I can always get in for free, with a free drink thrown in everytime I pop by.Which weekends sometimes turn into weeknights as well.

Where bang used to organize really fun Kent events where there are drinking arcade games - and now bang is no longer with Kent

Where me & seong called ourselves the tag team - with me tagging all the way. Where there was once a Veuve Clicqot party with champagne shaped pillows and I wanted to smuggle it under my tube.

The last time I was there was Maggy's birthday(May 2005)...where the great shuffling competition had bang & johnson on, but they never got past to the finals.The crowds were less than 10% of its usual weekend crowd, and I wondered what happened to the people I used to see every weekend. I wished I had spent more time after that in 12si, but I knew the real reason behind it; 12si was getting behind in times and refusing to grow up. The DJs sucked and the ah bengs and horny uncles infiltrated the whole place. And now it's gone, I can only look back in wonderment at how I used to drink like a fish.

Oh, we were so young - and happy.

Farewell 12si. You will always remain in my memory and thousands others who made you their home.

shorttalk: Blogger refuse to cooperate after 3 pictures -anyone know whats up with the crappy pix uploader?


Anonymous Frankson said...

Past revisited..those were the days..Hey, how come i look so blur arr??

8/13/2006 05:16:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

At least you dont look drunk right...

If u remembered this picture,it was taken during your graduation! Hahaha..so,so long ago..

8/14/2006 08:38:00 AM  

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