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Friday, August 04, 2006

Its zee Weekend!!

And now, for the lovely weather forecast in England:
Its cold,chilly,windy,blazing hot...all in one freaking day.I came into work this morning with a fleece on and trousers that I reserve for winter days - it is now freaking hot again and I wished I was in my shorts.

Made a trip to Zara on Wednesday,but since all they had was crazy looking clothes with broken zips and all (there's gotta be a reason for the buy one get one free), just came away with 2 tops. Bacon, being the clever little pig he is, suggested that I should check the factory outlet out once the proper sales in the shops has ended. Not thinking that he'll probably have to come with me and we'll not have any money left at the end of it to buy a house.Sales are unhealthy I tell you,unhealthy! It should be banned.

The only good thing about sales is that I've started stocking up on christmas presents for the out-laws.You cannot believe how much money is spent over xmas presents, and most of them are just a huge waste.Maybe its just my outlaws,but I am sick of dip dishes after my first xmas here. We received two of those babies, a 'food heater' with candles underneath to keep your food warm (somewhat like the dish used to serve steamed fish in chinese restaurants), a facial steamer (!!!), decorative bottles of oil (from 3 different people)....the useless list goes on. So, this year, in revenge, I have decided that I am going to buy a whole range of useless items and give them away as thoughtful christmas presents as well. At the moment I have a couple of smelly candles, useless posh-looking vases and a whole slew of bath products shaped into cakes and other dairy products. Need to buy more useless things and I'll be done!

( By the way, most of the useless presents have been returned to the shops at half the original price,but at least I get to exchange it for something I like.)

This weekend we're heading down to Nottingham/Leicester to visit a friend. Being the good little tourist, I quite fancy popping over to The tales of Robin Hood .

Nottingham tidbits

-DH Lawrence was born and bred in Nottingham...author of Lady Chatterley's lover, one of my intro to 'adult' fiction.
-Peter Pan's author,J.M Barrie was inspired by a street urchin wondering in the town he lived in.
-The Old Trip to Jerusalem claims to be the oldest pub in the world. It extenst back into a cave cut into the sandstone at the base of Castle Rock, and allegedly dates back to 1189
-Boots Chemists ; started in 1850 right here in this cty.
-And of course, the urban legend of Robin Hood.

I just hope Bacon can get out of bed early enough tomorrow so we're there by noon. Please let me know if anyone else have any ideas for Leicester or Nottingham...as we're going over to Leicester on Sunday.


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