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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The morning after the night before

Shorttalk: I wish I can photoshop the pictures..most of it is just frankly horrible pictures.Yes, I mistakenly saved on a cheapo photographer - my bad. The good pictures are all taken by my friends. But I had just put in a request through to Dreymer....it will be up to her whether she sends me a photoshop CD or not!!

After a drunken night's sleep, I was happily woken up by 'The One from Redang's' txt message at 7.35 that he has arrived and smelt like last night's vomit...and can he have the hotel's name please. After txting the name of the hotel back to him, I tried going back to sleep, but without much hope. So i prodded dreymer up at 8.15am...and we had an eyemask session since it was too early for breakfast either.

view from room in the morning
View in the morning

After nearly falling asleep again, The One from Redang rang from reception with pleas of a shower.So we headed on to reception, passed him the keys, and continued on to pig out on nasi lemak, eggs and pancakes.Too tired to take pictures and still reeking of yesterday's smoke and alcohol binge, we were a sullen group...especially if you compared us to Bacon's bunch who were in bed early and were up bright and shiny at breakfast, ready to attack the sun and the sea again with a happy shiny smile. Bleah...

Serves us right for having so much fun.

With the makeup/hair lady arriving at 11pm, we tried to head back to the room for a short snooze,but with three of us in the bed, it dont make sense, so I started packing whilst dreymer puts on her lovely face courtesy of SK2 and snoozes up with The One from Redang

sk2 mask
she is so gonna kill me..

With barely enough time for me to have a quick shower and scrub, the makeup lady was knocking on the door already.Seeing that we had to move to the suite and check out of the current room, I left her at the suite unpacking her goodies whilst I continue to rush upwards and downwards moving things here and there.Then realizing that I did not have a shirt I could put on so to not smudge my makeup whilst putting on the dress, I snatched Bacon's ugly shirt to slip on.So viewers beware...ugly top ahead.

July09MiliWedding 024
Work in progress

cuppa tea
Letting someone fuss over you is hard work ok, coffee breaks are essential

and she can smile!
So are pseudo photoshoots to see whether the makeup is too heavy or just right

hairdresser at work
Checking up on his wife

Bacon was so so quiet that I did not realize he was in the suite, at the next room preparing his speech for the night...we ordered in KFC and I did not even share it with him, thinking that he was out playing in the sun. Oh what a wonderful wife I am..:))

We all had fake shu uemura eyelashes installed.I mean glued on.Yes, I'm a geek,so what.

It was such a long process..I did not actually realize I was sat there for the better part of 3 hours.Strange fact; apparently your veil is to be placed on your hair by an old lady who have had many children....thus she was reluctant to fix it up for me. Bizzare. But she did it anyway..and after me refusing for her to place it under my bun (which would've effectively made my hair bunned up like a samurai's topknot), she twsited and turned it around into a flower-like shape.

July09MiliWedding 041

At 2.35pm, I started to panic.Having to move downstairs to my parents' room, grab my dress from the mil's room where it was being ironed, change,prepare for pictures, make sure all my chi-muis are ready...I had at last started to panic. And proper panic. Some of them were missing...one was rushing in from singapore, another one was slowly taking her own sweet time from Taiping and two others were out hunting for my favourite food to suprise me, all oblivious to the fact that I was panicking like crazy.....and they were rewarded with me bossing everyone around like crazy when they eventually arrive...most of them at 3pm.

The crazy ones.

The parents helping out

The spanning dress

Four there, two more to go!

The upside down obi belt...OoOps.We took it off and put it on again at night.

Its hard being a brideslave;sighs dreymer

I flew all the way from Singapore for this??? pouts mandy


Next up: The moment of truth...will Bacon get past the chi muis from hell? (Actually they were too damned nice to him)

PS: Not all pictures are properly uploaded yet - bear with me if your pics are not here...I dont love you any less!


Blogger mishellz said...

Very nice :) Panic attack on your wed-day, should breathe into a paperbag :P

Which hotel did you made it at? The morning view looks familiar but can't place exactly where.

7/26/2006 06:22:00 PM  
Blogger mooiness said...

My votes for the best pics of this bunch: you and Audrey holding your cups of coffee, and the shot with your dad looking into the camera.

I love impromptu shots. :)

7/27/2006 11:49:00 AM  
Anonymous white ghost said...

thanks mooi. i thought you were gonna say the one with me in the white mask. then i would know u were lying :)

mils... i was gonna get you the photoshop cd until i scrolled down and saw myself as pale as ghost :|

7/27/2006 01:35:00 PM  
Blogger mooiness said...

white ghost: heheh. u are very the clever eh .... changing your nicknames like that.

7/27/2006 01:40:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Moo: Shame the photographer does not understand the concept!! Wait till you see the pics of us posing..can vomitblood.com

Dreybee to the rescue, she took inpromptu pics when we were semi-posing and its sooooo nice,im framing them up instead of the photographer's.Thats why we kept giving her angpows the whole day......

whiteghost: but,but...you so cute..how to NOT post?Pls send photoshop cd..I want to put leopard fur on that sk2 face.

How about cd in exchange for bag?

7/27/2006 01:42:00 PM  
Anonymous white ghost said...

you bribe me with a bag. u know my weakness. meanie.

7/31/2006 04:23:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

No, I'm just clever.You won't see me bribing you with a football.

Can you imagine the fun I will have with zebra stripes and leopard spots?Hours of endless fun

8/01/2006 09:41:00 AM  

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