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Monday, July 31, 2006

A fish called Bacon

Moo's post today had me reminiscing..I never thought I would be one of the first amongst my friends to tie the knot.Heck, three years ago I was going around telling everyone I was never going to get married.And I meant that as well...hoping to get angpows from them every single year, spending my life on a tropical island and runaway trips to different places every year.

Then disaster strike.Love finds you in the most unusual situation.I've always been the practitioner of 'you don't eat and shit at the same place' and have been cautious of the relationships that I keep at work, always making sure that they are at arm's length - something I've learnt through my short corporate career. Having being screwed up for being close friends with collegues,I'd figured it's better to play outside the office. Then one day I heard an insane laughter tinkling through from the other side of the 3rd floor. A chuckle that sounds like it should be comming out from an insane cartoon show.Who is it I wonder?

We got thrown together by an audit that I was conducting on his section...and somehow or rather we started flirting big time over the keyboard. Everyday. I remember dreybee told me one day when I was updating her on the non-existent progress of the fishing expedition; " You are like a cat, fishing every day waiting for a bite. Meow". Good analogy, because we were both fishing but with no idea of:

a) if we can catch the fish
b) if we even want the fish
c) what are we going to do if the fish is caught?

This fishing expedition went on for more than two months..by which I had already started to reel my fishing line back due to the emergence of other fishes in the sea...hey, it gets boring after a while if it's not going anywhere.The day after I decided to let the fish go, I felt a bite. And so I had to make up my mind if I wanted to reel this fish in or continue juggling the other fishes in the sea.

Even up to our first date, it was still quite undecided what do I do now that the fish has bitten. So crazily enough, I brought maggie along for our first dinner, because he wanted to bring a friend of his along for dinner. A GIRL. I know I am good in seeking out food, but what do you think I am, walking talking guidebook? And A GIRL at that.Wah LAU.

Anyway, he didn't end up bringing THE GIRL, and maggie left us after dinner to our own devices. Which one thing lead to another and two weeks later we were off on our first holiday.Three weeks later he insisted that he wanted to meet my parents...which my parents were quite reluctant to have lunch with a white hairy stranger. Due to my battilion of male friends, they think of me as quite the playgirl (which of course, I wasn't, at that time I had been single for more than 2 years!). So thinking that this was another notch on the bedpost, we all had dim sum in the elegant settings of the marriott hotel in clipped tones.

And then a month later we were off to Bali. Oh Bali. Where I was sick the first 6 days and he was sick the last 6 days. As in violently sickeningly sick. With fever and vomiting and the such. Wasn't a very pretty sight for either of us but we trudged on exploring bali by feet and bouncing buses.Where as he laid vomiting in bed, I was picked up by another man by the swimming pool.Who kept calling my room and slamming down the phone when Bacon picked up.

A month later and all too soon it was time for him to leave for good. So before he leaves, we decided that we were going to go for another adventure trip, this time hitting penang-langkawi-bangkok. Day 3 at Penang, the tsunami strike and we had to run down 28 floors down from my parents' seafront apartment. At 9am. I remember being asleep, and he waking me up screaming that the apartment is shaking. I asked him to shut up, until I noticed that the hangers were doing a jiggling act otherwise unnatural. And so we ran.

After the whole experienced died down, we crawled back into bed,getting ready for our boatride to langkawi later that afternoon. On the way to the jetty, the waves were so huge it splashed over our taxi to the other side fo the road. And I mentioned it was perfect weather for surfing, not knowing that the huge waves had swept away civilization in phuket.

We celebrated the dawn of 2005 together trying to get into Poppy,and he left me on the second day of the new year...not knowing when will we see each other again.

A little more than a month later, he came back to me for 20 hours, and we made a trip to Tiffany's. I was asked to pick out a diamond, any diamond. Due to the whole surrealism of the situation, I did not realize what happened,until he rang his mom telling her that he's bought me a special diamond. And the next day, we parted ways at KLIA again, with me heading off to Penang to conduct one last round of angpow collection.And again, I did not know when was I going to see him again.


We've come a long way baby.

shorttalk: Spelling mistakes on top form today- revised at 4.15pm


Blogger mooiness said...

"We've come a long way baby."

Oooh yehhh. :)

That story definitely makes a good read.

7/31/2006 12:16:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

The truth, after all, is stranger than fiction.

7/31/2006 01:33:00 PM  
Anonymous marry me said...



7/31/2006 04:19:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

You pms thats why so emo.

don't need a nice guy but got a nice cousin-in-law can??

They always say that nice guys comes last, as the chicks always dig the bad boys.I think that everyone should partake their share of bad boys....but at the end of the day the nice guys will win whilst the bad boy continues sowing his wild oats.

8/01/2006 11:05:00 AM  

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