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Monday, January 15, 2007

Kylie @ Manchester Evening News Arena

I refrained from blogging about ordinary life last week because I did not want to 'accidentaly' spill the fact that I was off to see Kylie Minogue in concert on Sat!

Was the concert great?

Yes, all 45 minutes of it.
We spent Sat afternoon arguing in Ikea, like couples do, and braved the crazed wind to drive on to Manchester. Upon parking, a kind woman passed us her parking ticket, which saved us £5..and I thought that was the beginning of a good night. I attacked Selfridges for MAC makeup and Shu Uemura replenishment - the only place to sell Shu Uemura's horny moisturiser.Got a new lippie at MAC (same price as KL) but was a little hessistant at Shu; there was only horny moisturiser left which makes me think how long has it been there and it was RM 60 more expensive than KL prices! And all the other moisturisers on offer by Shu were way more expensive…so I left empty handed.

Undeterred, I moved on to the Shisiedo counter, which my mom had used off and on and passed me all the tester units which I quite liked,but had always thought it was more expensive than Shu…WRONG! A bottle of The Skincare day moisturiser at 75ml is £30, and a pot of horny moisturiser at 30ml was £29. Go figure. Anyway, walked away £60 poorer but with enough gunk to fill my face for about a year. Happy and satisfied, it was nearly 6 and time for dinner.

I had always loved manchester as I think it has an excellent array of restaurants.But not on Saturday. We must've walked in about 10 restaurants - and every single one has a long queue inside or the bouncer outside would say that its about an hour's wait for a table. Or two, as the case with old Orleans. Even Quiznos was filled to the brim..a sandwich shop on a sat night?! And it was only 6pm! Geeze.Might be due to the fact that it was pouring cats and dogs outside but it was impossible to get the brolly up as it was blow-me-away type of wind as well.Not impressed.

At last, I gave up and told Bacon that I can happily not eat as I refuse to be late for the concert.Undeterred and still stuck on having a good meal, he trudged on looking. Every pub that I asked him to stop and ask if they served food he said that there's too many people standing inside, so they will not serve food.LIKE WTF!? I was cold, wet, hungry and angry at stubborn Bacon…and started heading towards the car under the pouring rain to leave my stuff there whilst waiting to walk to the concert venue..bacon was pissed off because I had given up on eating. So we fought on the streets of Manchester as I struggled with my blown away brolly, still refusing to look drenched. At last I gave up and walked under the pouring rain, angry at the world that no moisturiser can cure.

Upon arriving at the train station next to the arena,Bacon again insisted on going around looknig for food.Normally there are quite a number of restaurants, if only fast food, around train stations as they are quite a hub of activicty unlike in KL, and in the Leeds station you can find starbucks,pubs,wetherspoons,Subway,McDonalds and Burger king. And the lovely station in Manchester only has a hotdog stand and a coffee stand, nothing else in sight. Yet, the stubborn pig insist on walking around the block again, under the pouring rain. After 10 mins, he gave up, and I insisted that we settle for some hotdogs.

And of course, inside the arena, just after we had our hotdogs, was a cozy filled-to-the-brim McDonalds.Sigh.

Anyway, we got to our seats and played mini-golf on my phone, and waited for Kylie to desend upon us. At 8pm, a haggard looking Kylie appeared on stage, and I mentioned that she's looking a little old and sounding a little rusty. And how true - she confessed after the first song that she is very sick - but will still trudge on and see what happens.After 3 songs, she dissapeared, and reappeared 15 mins again admist a confused crowd. After 15 mins of prancing about with half naked men on stage (apparently she's a big gay icon) she dissapeared again for another 15…and when she comes back on again she had decided that she will be leaving after two more songs.

What a lovely night to be had, innit. And because it wasn't actually cancelled, we don't know if we're actually going to get any refunds or reschedulling. So there goes £59 for 45 mins of Kylie being really sick and not performing…. An utter waste of money…and energy in fighting the wind trying to get there. We rushed home, as the Melbourne leg of the concert was actually being televised on british tv at 10.30pm. Coincidentally, she was playing in Melbourne whilst we were there. Ah, blissfuly sheltered at home, we settled down to watch the concert that we were never meant to attend.

I have pictures,but at the moment no broadband to upload - so this will have to wait - will re-blog when I manage to steal time off someone else's pc.

Update: Concert has been reschedulled for next week - tuesday! Will probably grab McDonalds this time around...hmm..


Anonymous harajukucat said...

oh no! i read about the 1/3 of kylie concert, they are saying you probably won't get any money back as she did technically perform!!!
Oh yes, best thing for your face is estee lauder, advanced night repair. keeps me looking young-ish!

1/16/2007 09:13:00 PM  

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