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Friday, January 05, 2007

OZ day 4 -The Great Ocean Road

Waking up at 6am, this was a huge shock to the system that was just getting used to the long australian days - but today we had to be in town early - we're off to a one-day tour of the Great Ocean Road! After beating the KL-like traffic away with a broomstick (at 6.30am!!!! The aussies are mad), we managed to get to the bro's downtown apt where we were going to be picked up. 30mins late.

It is a long,long way to go for just a day - stretching for more than 400kms, we did not want mr nicedriver/brother to tire out - seeing that it was actually his 21st birthday.Yes, 21 years ago I woke up to find that my parents had dissapeared - they returned 2 days later with what looks like a mini-michelin man. So anyway, we ended up with Walter of around and about tours , anyone heading up waaay down south should check him out - affable chap running his own operation for tours originating out of Melbourne.He does overnight stays as well as tours to Dandedong Ranges, Ballarat, Yarra Valley wineries ect…so do get in touch with him if you're heading that-a-way.Beats the huge inpersonal bus tours anytime.

A boomeraged van to make sure you return

Strolling into the deep blue seas..

Our first stop and I was dead excited. Oh, and Walter's wife baked some real wicked pastries - her danish are out of this world! No pix - I was too slow.

The day trip is extremely tiring, I would recommend a couple of stops along the way if you're planning on going by car.Beware though..the outbacks can be quite harsh on the unprepared - I had not seen one petrol pump in all of the 400km….it is quite deserted except for the occasional surfer towns.

The whole day was peppered with 12 stops (!!!) along the road to take in different views of the craggy coastline that is Victoria. I had seen oceans and seas and different beaches,but nothing compares to this…

I snap you,you snap me.

In Australia, DRIVE ON THE LEFT! I have no idea why but I found that absolutely hilarious.I had never seen a sign in any other country instructing you which side of the road should you drive.

One of the great thing of being in a small group is exclaiming that you want to see a koala and have the driver/tourguide stop to search for some wild koalas up on eucalyptus trees by the road side.


This one was staring right back at me. I SO need a proper SLR.

The star attraction - the 12 apostles

Secret cove

I like how the tip looks like a choc sundae with white chocolate sauce.Yumm

Bridging over

The group thingy with the token blonde.

The feeling that is unique to the biggest island in the world - the vastness of the ocean and that you are but a tiny blip.

On the road, caught sight of this crazy house on the pedestal…apparently the eccentric owner wanted undisturbed view of the ocean.And I believe it is for rental as well.

Gone swimmin'

Being a total waterchild, I was totally taken aback by the great ocean drive.A must-do for anyone that appreciates nature and not just the usual clickhappy tourist attractions.

As mentioned earlier, it was also mr nicedriver's birthday! And no birthday is complete without the parents splurging on a complete dinner even though we were all dead tired and it was 8.30pm. We headed towards Limor's http://www.limors.com.au/ , famed for its huge platters and also the venue where his 16th birthday was celebrated on the family trip to Melbourne back in 1999 -I was not invited seeing that I was in Paris..pffft! I was way too tired ,oily and hungry to snap anymore after snapping nonstop for hours..so not many here.

Hugeass platter bursting with schnitzel,kebabs,sausages,lamb,chicken wing ect ect. Mr nicedriver was off to fetch his gf to the restaurant but I was left with instructions from the night before to order the most expensive item on the menu at AU 79.

Additional seafood platter of sauteed garlic calamari rings and king prawns with a delish creamy dip

My fav part of the night - death by chocolate - this platter of dead sinful dessert is at par with Max Brenner's creations.Oh, and the smirking birthday boy.

See how it arrives with sparklers..i love sparklers ;)

Can you blow out sparklers?

Completely dead by the end of the meal, we made a beeline for the showers and then a beeline for the waiting bed - thus end day 4 down under.


Anonymous dreymer said...

your mascot is so good. always pose for you. mine only pose hand :|

1/05/2007 02:54:00 PM  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

I always thought the way you learned what side of the road to drive on was seeing the big truck abut to run into you head on............

1/08/2007 04:25:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

poor babu is shy.don't blame him..or is it baba?I keep calling him babu

skipps:As I asked walter why do they have such signs in oz,he turned into the wrong flow of traffic!So you see, the signs sorta work...

1/08/2007 02:39:00 PM  

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