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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oz day 3 -The sun,surf,lobster and burgers

Waking up on day 3 was a breeze again,due the delayed jetlag/timelag/brainlag. Up at 7.30,my dad rubbed his hands in glee as he waited for me to get ready and tag along for breakfast - he's awake by 6.30 every morning waiting for someone to go breakfast with. Oh yeah,another reason I woke up so early was because he so kindly turned the heating on at 7, and the whole house just creaked like mad as the hot water started to flow through its central heating system.

This time we headed down to Clayton town centre,which is a one-street area

My pretty but yucky tasting breakfast

After managing to wake my brother up,we went for the 45mins drive into Melbourne Central. It's such shiete living in the suburbs.

Melbourne sure has a lot of strange looking buildings..

We headed towards this one..


The famed Q Victoria Market - apparently they have a Wed special pasar-malam(night market) like thing going on.You go around looking at stuff with a beer in one hand and your purse in the other.


The world is so small….note the group of people standing behind bacon (the guy in lime green?).My brother's flat mate, and the woman in blue is his mom, my mom's good friend from KL. I didn't even notice they were in the picture until 5 mins ago!

I heart tofu. However, I was actually there for a sushi roll…you know how they roll up sushi in nigiri and then sliced it up? Well, in Melbourne they don't do slicing..its sushi on the go!

My brother recommended the bratwurst complete with sauerkraut - I love sauerkraut! As you can see,all was met with smiles:)

Next up was windy St Kilda..


A sight for weary eyes - I had not seen blue skies in many moons. The sandstorm going on wasn't very nice though.

I heart palm trees

So many many + blue skies!

Due to the sandstorm going on, I did the quick Japanese tourist impression of shoot shoot snap snap and quickly left the beach to head to the row of shops..famous for its cakes and pastries.

Mom getting the hang of posing with my mascot

Arrays of sweets - do you remember seeing the frog in my supermarket blog?? Creepy!


I ended up with this nice to see not nice to eat roll thingy.bleurk.

However, my brother was smarter and brought the rest of the gang to the best burger joint in the world (surpassing my all time fav of In-n-Out!)

The Melbourne Special…at AU 11.50 this was well worth it. Layers of the freshest beef patty,sunny side up egg,veggies and pickles,bacon...
Herbed fries with herby mayo (50cents each tub)

Stomachs happy, we headed on towards the next Melb attraction where many fortunes were lost- the Crown Casino.Here you can play anything you want…and place bets at any sporting event you like - similar to William Hill in the UK but at a way bigger scale
A snap of their huge 2 storey tv screen before I was politely tapped on the shoulder.

I love it here. As I was walking in, the bouncer/security asked for my ID. In my shocked state, I looked at him in confusion and went, "Excuse me??". Like so indigant like that..heehee.He replied, "Err..how old are you? We don't allow under 18s"."I am 26 sir,but if you would like I could try to find my ID"."You sure don't look 26"

Whoa! He made my day..I so heart Crown Casino! Even though *cough*bacon lost AU100 there *cough*. My dad started off for the blackjack table - if he wins we will be going for something delicious,if he lost we will end up eating what the Colonel sells...

Lucky my daddy was clever….so with an additional AU350, we headed back to the Seal Restaurant at Springville/Clayton (aiya,not sure where) to catch us some of this
Die lobster,die!

Mr. Lobster was sacrificed and ended up on a steaming plate

He looks so much better dead than alive - best lobster I had in ages

Deepfried salt and pepper chicken ribs - only in australia they serve that part of the chicken separately - seeing that there are only two ribs (more like collarbones) on each chicken!

After the pitying looks that my brother had been giving us all day (our version of mr nicedriver) we eventually agreed to go home and crash - not before my dad managed to con Bacon into buying a couple of 6packs to chill out with at home.My mom kept going ,"Poor Bacon".Teehee.


Anonymous dreymer said...

My god... the french fries look too good! I wanna! I'm a sucker for french fries!!

1/05/2007 01:17:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

it really is as good as it looks man..thinking about it making me salivate

1/05/2007 03:15:00 PM  

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