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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

OZ day 1&2- Making it from Leeds to Melbourne

Doing the sudoku

Sunrise forever

A fairly uneventful flight, we got to KLIA only for me to go around searching for Nasi Lemak…at RM 16 it was downright cutthroat, so we popped over to the MAS Lounge and I grabbed all the mee goreng and porridge my greedy little hands can get hold of - beggars cant be choosers k.

Arriving in Melbourne, we were held up by the disgustingly long queues holding up the customs. A mom of two had her babies' comfort pillows torn open by the zealous customs officers…and her coconut shell scoops consficated.Not a very welcomed introduction to the laidback australians, it would have been hilarious with the customs officers using gloves to deal with the pillows. If I wasn't already so tired +angry after an endless flight.

Getting out of the airport, I headed straight for the local Krispy Kreme before heading to my cousin's place to crash immediately.

I left the house on 9th Dec, 4.30am and arrived at 10th Dec,11pm.Two whole lost days.

Day 2
Waking up to a steaming bowl of Bun Bo Hue at 8am made it all worth it

After managing to wake Bacon up, we all headed towards the heart of Melbourne….not before a mad shopping spree at the DFO near the airport - was too busy shopping to snap-happy,sorry.Realized how cheap OZ is compared to UK and went spend-free...probably because my brother being the starving student should only know el cheapo places

Max Brenner's never fail to dissapoint

Christmas in the sun!

Yi Jen met me in town and we left the family + bacon in a pub getting pissed. I walked around town with Yi Jen, but being totally jetlagged was not much of a good company walking around. We just walked aimlessly reminiscing and comparing notes of overseas vs. KL - one conversation that is bound to happen in company of any malaysians having spent time overseas. It ended swiftly when the shops started to shut at 6…the sun was still shining and I would've been content to be one of the crazy gwai los just sitting in the sun to stock up on my vit. D .Waved her goodbye as my jetlag started to get to me, and went off for another round of Vietnamese galore - I love my vietnamese food and all tries to replicate that all over UK had failed miserably.This one in Clayton was great,except the miserable looking pork chop noodle that Bacon ordered…no prize for the winning guess.


Only my mascot posed for me…you can tell the family is not click-trained yet.sigh.

Sleep came swiftly after that…dealing with two lost days is not easy.


Anonymous dreymer said...

i like that shot from below of the christmas tree :)

1/05/2007 02:55:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

me too me too! I went crazy with upshots of xmas trees...more to come...heehee..

1/09/2007 09:02:00 AM  

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