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Thursday, January 11, 2007

OZ Day 6-The end of an era

I can remember my graduation - can you remember yours?Being fairly antisocial, I did not actually enjoy it much,realizing too late that I had not branched out enough during university days.It gave way to "the mad days" of pure hedonistic fun of the next 2-3 years.But it also signified a period of depression,readjustment and a great sense of loss for me…from having my own place and a sustainable job, I went to nothing at all.
Oh, the beginning of the digicam era - I remember walking aronud with a brick that provides only pictures up to 2mg on my DC200

Anyway.Fast forward about five years later and my phone produces better pictures than my brick of my camera.Fast forward 5 years later on the other side of the globe is another graduation, this time of minime V.2, or my brother as most people would describe. As I was never quite satisfied with the pictures I took during graduation, this was the opportunity for me to camwhore and pretend that I am graduating too and hopefully get more displayable pictures out of it. Plus my parents wanted the traditional holding-the-paper graduation family potraits….so my gown was brought along as well.

Another time, another university, another graduation

The nice poseur sun-in-hair snap

Poseur shots of my brother.I feel like I'm trying to shoot a fashion layout.Poor gf had to oblige the crazy snap happy sister.

Mascots united!The guys are so compliant..

I insisted on shooting him non-stop because I never want him to lose out on Graduation Day - it all goes downwards from here.

The proud owners of a not-so-little prat.

The proud owners of the very-big prat

The *cough*super sotong girlfriend*cough*. She's damn funny..I like.

I got him a koala…was too cheap to get myself a bulldog

The beginning of it all

Classic line: "That gown cost about the price of a house, at least you got to bring yours home to keep, his is now being returned to be recycled", remarked my mom to me.

The whole afternoon was spent snapping photos, waiting for the man of the hour, listening to in one ear out the other speeches.Was an extremely pleasant blue skied day (as you can see from the photos) so it wasn't actually that bad. When we were taking the studio-like pictures that is so classic of most University's graduation, the photographer was quite puzzled at my gown…especially since only Masters students from U of Melbourne have that square-hat thing to wear.Yeah,for all that moolah spent on my own education I can't remember what's the name of that tassle-thingy so sue me. Anyway, she was quite amused seeing that my graduation gown is completely different from what everyone else was wearing and she were probably wondering if I faked my graduation;).

After all that hoohah, I went off to meet Yi Jen for dinner and drinks whilst my parents celebrated with the other parents on how they had just thrown away hundreds of grand on the bunch of little prats who were more excited in ordering the most expensive item on the menu than how to write their cv.
Was just shooting the streets of Melbourne when this carriage just so happen to pass me by

Obligatory Chinatown shoot

We had dinner at Camy's Shanghai dumplings..one of the best, if not only the cheapest place to eat in Melbourne. It is up some alley down the main Chinatown drag and it's BYO and also pour your own tea - therefore the cheap prices.I let Yijen lead us along and she rattled off our orders…she might'be been ordering ratmeat for all I know!

Camy's Shanghai Noodle and Dumpling
25 Tatterstalls lane,
(03) 9663 8555

Fish flavoured noodle and shanghainese chicken noodle (I think!!)

Excellent xiu loong pau/shanghainese dumplings with the lovely suckable sauce inside

Potstickers/wor tip with the lovely vinegar dipping sauce


After an extremely satisfying dinner we rambled along the streets of Melbourne. As it was getting late and my teeny camera's bad at nightpictures, did not take shots of the different pubs and bars that we popped by (I know, I know…I should!!) but it was all hopping with the after work Friday crowd, the graduates celebrating with giddyness and the arty farty crowd. I absolutely love Melbourne's nightlife - if only for a night. I had my first taste of Beez Neez , a beer made with honey and tastes like honeycomb…mmm..I can drink that literally sweet nectar all night long..yumm.

We did not stay out for long - by 12 I was tired from walking all day and all night long and thus we made a move to return to the far away place of clayton.Thanks babes for a good night out xx

I like this backstreet shot which looks like it belongs in KL rather than Melbourne.


Blogger Skippy-san said...

Too much for me, who can remember nto one but three graduations complete with hats thrown in the air and myself in the audience.

Oh how smart I thought I was and how naive I was!

Still I have to admit, you look pretty delectable in a gown! Makes my day too be sure!

But then again you know I am given over to th other pursuits........

1/12/2007 04:18:00 PM  
Blogger maggie said...

i miss melbourne already just looking at the pics.

Make sure you visit when i get there k.

1/13/2007 12:13:00 PM  
Anonymous dreymer said...

hehehe.. you are so funny la! esp the grad pics!

1/14/2007 03:56:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

skippy: Ask not tell not:).The graduates always feel so smugly superior - it lasts for all of 3 days after graduation.I guess with you is that each time you feel smarter and smarter:)

crux:but of course.I will visit and stay a month.mouhahaah..make sure got place for me to stay k...even if I sleep on...i mean with, the baby:)

Dreybee:Glad I can be of service:D. But hor, the first graduation picture is the real wan leh..I must say,when I cut my hair this time around I did not even think about the fact that I will look exactly the same as I did when I graduated 4 years before

1/15/2007 08:54:00 AM  

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