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Thursday, January 18, 2007

OZ Day 9 - Fishing for Money

Waking up to sunny Sydney (without the crazed out weather of Melbourne!) was fantastic.The sun is shining, and I am hungry. Walking swiftly past McDonalds' and Burger King (I managed to ignore them!), we headed towards the nearest Monorail station and purchased the Monorail+Light rail day ticket at AU14.

Zooming by

For those of you new to getting around Sydney, the Monorail is essentially the tourist shuttle linking all the city centre attractions - the Light rail joins with some of the Monorail stops and goes a little further and actually connects towards the suburbs.The train system links even further outwards to the suburbs. Buses and ferries goes to places that no other transportation mode goes i.e. Bondi & Luna Park. If you are staying in the city centre,buy the 1 week ticket for both lightrail and monorail at AU28 - we did not, first fatal mistake which eventually cost us more than double that. Lesson over.

Guess where we are heading towards this morning?
Blue skies ,outdoor seating..

Yeppps! The famed Sydney Fish Market!

I felt like I've been let loose on a rampant eating spree…seafood is rare,unfresh and precious here in the UK.
The oyster shucker…sounds like the oyster sucker.

What shall I eat…hmmm..

My breakfast

Bacon's breakfast

See the difference??Let me narrate. I had 6 fresh bay oysters,2 oysters mornay(cooked with cheese) , half a lobster mornay,and deepfried squid.Bacon had a mango juice and fruit youghurt.

Hmm.Something is wrong somewhere.

I was quite reluctant to leave..wanting to stay for lunch,but was dissuaded by Bacon - there was frankly not much we could actually do there, so at around 10.30 we left for Star City..which is of course a,

Alas…we could not get in because we were not appropriately dressed.So headed back on towards the monorail
…across Darling Harbour

And towards our second stop of the day…

Eaten by the shark

I have been to 'underwater world/aquariums' in HK, Singapore's Sentosa Island and San Diego's Zoo and Seaworld.Honestly, I did not enjoy the aquarium as much as I thought I would, and the combined ticket of Aquarium and the Sydney tower at AU35 is downright cut throat and not worth the money paid for it. But I digress.Lets for one moment make believe that it is free ya?

I love this…jellyfishes/ man of war.So pretty

Sad penguins swimming.Compared to those in Philip Island these look so folorn.

Sharks swimming across

I fought a bunch of noisy schoolkids to stroke some baby sharks.They are strangely sand papery.

It's very strange,but I seem to have forgotten what we had for lunch - probably nothing as I was still stuffed from my delicious lunch.Immediately after leaving the Aquarium, we headed towards the Sydney Tower & OZ Trek.A complete waste of time.

We waited 15 mins to get on a inferior version of the KL Towers escalator - to be stuffed in an extremely hot and uncomfortable lift for a slow ride up.After taking in the half-arsed sceneray of a 360 deg view across Sydney, I was quite cheezed off. It was expensive,not very pleasant and frankly nothing compared to KL towers, and I had never appreciated KL Towers before. Besides, KL Towers entrance is 2.5 times cheaper than this.

The Harbor Bridge view from up above.

So after 15mins, I pulled Bacon to get the lift down. And I thought the 15 mins wait for the lift up was bad - it took us 35 mins to get on a lift down! OMFG.How inefficient is this? I had been up KL Towers numerous times but I had never experienced something so bad. What's more, some jerk and his family cut the queue by stating that they are late heading for the airport. So yeah, day 2 in Sydney - not good and not happy.

When we eventually got out of the lift, we headed towards the OZ trek, which was combined with the Syney tower ticket anyway - we paid for it, might as well go right.Nothing spectacular, it was somewhat like an advert for Sydney,plying all its routes and other placeses around Australia i.e canberra. A poor man's version of the Back to the Future rides from Universal Studios,if you ask me

Headed back to our hotel for a nap (I'm like a baby) since it was just around the corner, and got up at about 6 to head back to Star City. It's a strange little place, like a mini Genting when it was just purely a casino and not shopping+amusement park+mushroom park. Again, no pictures allowed, so nothing to see here.

But Bacon did have better luck with the roulette table this time around, betting on his legendary 18 & 26. He ended up winning about AU300, which was probaby just sufficient for us to spend for that day itself. Taking off the losing bet of Au100 in Crown Casino, we were looking at AU200 tops, but yet we wanted to have dinner at "somewhere nice"

So round and round we walked, noodle bar, a sad-looking sushi buffet, a pathetic international buffet…and headed back home as I can't find anything I like! But seeing that it was already after 8, most places were already closing in town,refusing to take more customers in (bloody irritating) .

After walking for ages trying to find a nice restaurant that is NOT a chinese restaurant, we ended up near our hotel, right in front of the monorail station in this quaint Jap/Korean Fusion place. We had passed it countless times and I've been thinking about eating there anyway.

Tako (??skippy correct me??) Balls - fishball like with a piece of octopus inside

Bacon highly amused by the side dishes that comes with korean meals. I love the kimchi

My Beef Bulgolgi

Bacon's Sweet and Spicy something Beef

Very nice and very satisfying - I love places that open late.It was very relaxing just sitting on the balcony,having a fag and beer and waiting for our food on a warm summer's night.I miss summer.*sniff*sniff*achoo*


Anonymous dreymer said...

is this the jalan jalan cari makan di australia???

1/19/2007 05:53:00 PM  
Blogger Skippy-san said...

Tako is the correct name for squid. It is called tako yaki here in Japan.

1/22/2007 01:00:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

dreybee: everywhere I go is jalan jalan cari makan :).Such is life,greediness rules.But this time it was literally jalan jalan cari-ing makan.There was so much choice I couldn't decide!

Skippy: That's it! Takoyaki.I remember it was something simple.Interesting.I've not had it before.Love the sweet sauce.

1/22/2007 08:20:00 AM  

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