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Monday, November 28, 2005

Best dead

The past few days have been filled with newspapers and the news screaming out that George Best is dead.

For those that have no idea who George Best is, he's one top footie player..the best that Manchester United have ever had the opportunity to field. Yes, miles better than *that* other player. In fact, George Best even said that he wished Beckham played as well as he looked.

On my way home from Manchester last Friday, I stopped over to the home of Man U at Old Trafford

International TV crews were swarming the place,mingling with crestfallen fans bursting out in tears. All this for the greatest football player the UK ever knew.

The badboy of footie has been known to party all night and turn up in a match half hungover.'Blessed' by an endless row of girls on parade, his weakness was the one thing that footie is infamous for...the after and the before of a game spent drinking.The after and the before eventually turned into all the time for this heavy drinker who eventually lost his battle with his kidney

''It is on a bizzare note that England's biggest drinker passed away the day that England's pubs are allowed to operate 24/7''

Disclaimer: I do not know anything about football...all corrections welcomed.


Blogger mooiness said...

Being as good as he was, he stopped playing at the age of 26 - arguably at his peak. I don't know much about him at all, but would it have something to do with his drinking? ;)

Isn't always the truth that the brilliant are always troubled in their lives?

11/29/2005 01:17:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

The best thing about Best is that he said;and I quote:

''People will not remember the girls I slept with or the hardcore partying when I'm dead - they'll remember that I played football,and pretty goddamed well too''

Best knows what he does best huh?

11/30/2005 03:10:00 AM  

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