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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quickies for the day

Here I go again..

I hate packing.Especially when you are trying to fit an elephant into a suitcase.My suitcase looks like I'm running away to a third world country, not from one. With the amount of foodstuff and nice clothes that I've managed to squeeze in, it's like as if I will never see nice clothes and chilli sauce again.

Bits and pieces of good news abound re my impending move. Next week will be a beehive of activity, with sis in law taking Wednesday off to bring me shopping and Bacon taking Friday off to take me shopping. YAY! I soooo need a new winter wardrobe.And shoes, and shoe racks, and chairs, and food...

And Thursday will be interview day, where this little madcap is due for an interview.Job Description? A Very Serious Law and Order managerial job. MOuhahaha.Damn scary..I'm shaking in my knickers.

More good news abound today. Another office nearer to Morley is also going to be hiring my kind of Very Serious Law and Order managerial person. Which means that I potentially have another interview if I do not get the first Very Serious Job.

Had my haircut yesterday. My crazy of a hairdresser does not believe that I have a Very Serious Law and Order job, and keep insisting that I am that sort of girl who is more suitable for a creative line. He can't imagine me chained to the office 9-6. I think I might try selling vegetables for a change and see how creative I can get with that....


It is 3 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes and 9 seconds until 13 November 2005 , at 4:30:00 PM(UTC time)


3 days
81 hours
4890 minutes
293409 seconds

Yippie yippie yay yay


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