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Sunday, November 13, 2005

KLIA chronicles no. 3!

another in the KLIA series!

YEs, still amused with the hole in the wall PC.And yes, still same flight,destination,clothes ect

Only difference? My check in luggage is 37kgs with my hand carry luggages adding on another 15kgs.

The power of pussies.With minor persuasion, the counter check-in guy allowed me to check my elephant of a luggage in without any addtl. charges..which would have amounted to RM1480. Even though the flight's completely full. All he asked for was for me to remove a couple of packs of instant noodles.I love being a girl

See y'all in Leeds...Im missing everyone already..


Blogger mooiness said...

THe power of pussies indeed. ;)

Have a good flight!

11/13/2005 06:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Mag said...

Missing you lots already. Hope everything is going well there. update us k!

11/14/2005 04:15:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

yup,power to pussies. They charge bacon for all his luggage that is above 20kg..muahahha.Poor bacon.He gets charged all the time

11/14/2005 03:59:00 PM  

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