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Thursday, March 16, 2006

And you call us third world country?

I remember when I was younger and would cheekily ask my parents what would I get from them when I am older, would I get a house,a car, what?This was brought about because I know of people whose wedding presents from their parents are expensive houses or condos.

My parents would always say," The only inheritence you are getting is a sound education"

I never appreciated that fact,until I realize how much education costs.By being born in a third world country,we do not have the luxury of free university education.Being Chinese means that the quota for you in a local university is around 30%. Plus the fact that I fail miserably in a spoon-feed education system (which is what most Asian education systems is),awaiting entrance to a local university is just a disaster waiting to happen.

So my parents shipped me off to California,where I jumped from being a total and complete failure to a scholarship student.I always envied the Californian residents who just pay a minimal fee for their education,yet do not seem to really care about it.I see 19 year olds with babies,students dropping out due to pregnacy or some other relationship issues.Don't get me wrong,I have also met some of the brightest people I'd ever know whilst in college.

It shocked me even more to see how little the people in the UK value education.Most people that I had worked with in the past only stayed in high school until the age of 17.There are so many high school drop outs that are out shopping in the streets on a school day.Education up to a degree level seems to be way less than I expected ,seeing that it is free as well.Comming from a so-called third world country, I can say that I do not know of anyone in my circle of friends who left school at 17,even though their parents have to scrimp and scrape for a diploma,or at least a secretarial course.

Another speech that my parents would present to me every so often would be the issue of no glove no love (well,not in such a crude way). Which equals babies.To cut a long story short,appreciate your opportunity,and don't make mistakes that would ruin your life.

Ever since I moved to the UK, I have been astounded by the number of teenage mothers. Babies making babies. 15 year olds pushing prams are a common sight.I feel that I have been transported back to pre-condom era.And get this, ALL birth control are free in the UK.Paid for by the government. Free condoms,pill,IUD,injection..whatever method that rocks your boat.And yet,they say NO.Instead of saying No to drugs,they say no to birth control.

Britan has the highest number of teenage pregnancies.Instead of teaching the children on the perils of teenage pregnancies,classes are conducted on how to claim benefits from the government i.e. the money of other hard working tax paying citizens.The girls are taught to do certain things so that the government will provide them with their own council flat free of charge and also pay for the upkeep of their wellbeing and their babies wellbeing.

Now,at the age of 15,how does a free place to live and free money sounds?

To me, it sounds absolutely fantastic.All I have to do is to pop a baby out and voila,I am set for life.No more school and I never have to work.Shopping everyday..woohoo!

What the fuck is this?And the racist in themm calls us a third world country?Teaching the children that it is quite alright to rip the government off and have unprotected sex is more of a third world country thinking than anything that I have ever heard of.And every year, another 56,000 babies are born to teenagers who can barely take care of themselves.

All over the world, if a baby is born, the parents and family are responsible for the care of the new bundle of joy.Why is it that this so called first world country encourages the society to depend on the government for upkeep of their out of wedlock child?And now the government are trying to do something about it,someone comes up with the bright idea of teaching schoolchildren oral sex. Three words : WAH LAU EH!!!???

Every time I go on the bus, I would encounter at least 3 mothers with prams who look like they have not even cut their sweet sixteen cake. A fag in one hand,with huge chav jewelry,the baby in the pram looks more like joke than a real tender mother and child scene.They belong in a sex education class,not out shopping with the taxpayers money.

I look down on you, the racists and the uneducated chavs who thinks that we so called third world country citizens are turd and uncivilized.Look at yourselves,because I have not seen a more pathetic example of a first world country society.



Blogger mooiness said...

Wah lau eh indeed! Oral sex lessons. Woohoo. But to me, the parents share the blame as well.

Little Britain got it perfect with "Vicky".

3/17/2006 12:18:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Yep.Vicky is so hilariously real.

I have nothing against single parents,but I do have something against single parents that depend solely on the taxpayers money.Its YOUR child,not MINE.

There was this single mom who have 8 kids by 6 diff men...and she claims enough benefit to dress herself and the kids in brand names like nike and lacoste.She don't work, and says that she prefers to party and drink. At 40 yo.

Like what the fuck?

3/17/2006 05:28:00 PM  
Anonymous sunbabies said...

I felt the same way as you about their ridiculous way of life and how they can actually make/consider a law out of something.. take the one abt "CONVICTED CRIMINALS COULD soon be sent to the front of the queue at Jobcentres in a drive to stop them re-offending", an article in Dec last year.
1st World Country indeed!

3/20/2006 11:11:00 AM  

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