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Monday, March 06, 2006

Once a raver always a raver

AH....Moo's post on the Two Tribes rave that he was at reminded me of one thing..

Yours truly is going to V Festival!!

Spread over the course of a weekend,with campsites ready,this hedonistic festival is just a step lower from the almighty Glastonbury. The lineup reads of Groove Armada(which I have seen and absolutely loved),Fatboy Slim,Beck, Keane,Radioheads,Morrisey...the list goes on to encompass Bacon's teeny bopper fav,Sugababes.

At bloody 130 pounds per ticket, this has better be good.It bloody sold out in 3 hours as well..you would think tht people have better use of their money.It's a good mixture of bands and dancey djs like fatboy slim,and it will do quite well for Bacon who are not all that into DJs,unlike his wife who thinks DJs are god.However,Bacon is a senior,having gone to at least a few festivals every year.

Married or not,I am still a raver at heart,even though its been ages since I've been to a rave....and therefore I will either be going to Creamfields or Godskitchen's Global Gathering. Two whole days of nonstop drum n bass,trance,techno and the like, this is almost like a religion.I can't decide creamfields or global....I can only afford one as it is 100 pounds per pop as well...bloody cutthroat.The price we pay for music.

Anyone has any suggestions on either?Creamfields or godskitchen?I must admit that I like both of them,as a regular to Cream and Godskitchen events in KL.Decisions decisions..


Blogger mooiness said...

Woohoo! The V-Festival line up is awesome. Sugababes. *squirm*

Heh Cream vs. Godskitchen. Hmm. Decisions, decisions. What a dilemma. :)

Since you have no idea one way or the other, I'd just pick the one with the best venue.

3/07/2006 12:26:00 AM  
Blogger dreymer said...

sugababes!! :) hey i kinda like that song 'push the button'. if i see it at redbox, i'm definitely singing it.

wow, you lucky bitch. keane, morissey and radiohead too? grrr!

3/09/2006 02:15:00 PM  

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