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Friday, May 19, 2006

MAS (Massively Assholic Shitholes)

I've almost forgot how frustrating it is to deal with Malaysian businesses. More precisely, the idiotic Malaysian call centres. I set up the travel desk in my old office, so I usually have quite good connections in the travel industry, receiving the occasional discounts for my hotels and free delivery of air tickets.

So much so that I have forgotten how bad it is to deal with MAS.

My 'connections' from Malaysia who had been invited to the wedding alerted me that MAS don't fly from Manchester anymore.I've booked my tickets in March, and had happily left to it that if they had actually cancelled my flight, they would let me know.So I rang them...

me: Hello, this is my reference number
MAS idiot no. 1: Yes, ok.Travelling on 30th June.Do you want to change your travel date?
me: No, I had heard rumors that my flight has been cancelled
MAS idiot no.1: Eh? Ok I'd check
MAS idiot no.1: Yes,from may 1st we no longer fly Manchester and you have been automatically rerouted to a later flight from London Heathrow.
me: WHY HAS NO ONE TOLD ME?! And how the heck am I getting to london, grow wings and fly?
MAS idiot no.1: Errm..our systems shows that you had cancelled your flight booking actually
me: Why would I want to do that?
MAS idiot no.1: Wait.I check. We will provide the connecting flight for you. But oh, not available. I dont know how.
me: I dont care. Book it. By hook or by crook I am going on that flight from Heathrow.
MAS idiot no.1: Okok, I call u tomorrow ok to confirm
me: SLAM

Fine. Idiots cant find me a connecting flight.And remembering the bodoh-ness of the call centre staffs, I knew they couldn't be trusted to ring me back, if they were, they would had rang me a month ago when they decided that MAS was cancelling all flights from manchester.

So today, I had the pleasure of speaking to bodoh malaysians again.

MAS idiot no.2: Ms, your connecting flight to heathrow has been confirmed, but no more seats for the flight from London to KL.
me:Then why would I want to go to London? For fucks?
MAS idiot no.2: Oh, you have been reserved on the flight that is departing on 30th noon.
me: Why would I want to fly to London at 8pm on 30th, and my flight actually departs from london at noon? I would had missed it by 8 hours! And besides, I told that MAS idiot no.1 yesterday that under no circumstances can I travel before 6pm on 30th, and I need to be in KL on the next day!
MAS idiot no.2: No flight la.
me: By hook or by crook, not my bloody problem, you upgrade me to sit by the pilot I dont care.
MAS idiot no.2: Do u want to speak to MAS idiot no. 1?
me: WTF for? fly a kite. You deal with this yourself. (face turning red in office)
MAS idiot no.2: ok, i spoke to MAS idiot no.1. your flight is confirmed. please send your ticket into our office
me: Who is paying for postage
MAS idiot no.2: oh, of course you madam, even though it was our fault for cancelling the flight, and you better put registered mail
me: grrr..
MAS idiot no.2: Oh, send to our manchester office ok
me: Ok.
MAS idiot no.2: Remember ar, they are closing by end of this month, so send fast!
me: Why would I want to send my ticket to an office which is closing?
MAS idiot no.2: Then u send to london lah! They not closing wat.
me: ("&^!%$))£*"^%!!!!

No more MAS for me. Malaysia boleh my ass as *most* Malaysian had finely tuned the art of being bodoh. And by the way, MAS idiot no.2's name was ET. And he was not frikkin kidding me.He got real mad when I laughed and said you're not kidding me.

Anyway. Kinda reminded me why there is the outpour of malaysians overseas, especially those who had lost all patience with lousy third grade inefficient fellow countrymen. Those who remains are the few brave ones who live in the believe that some day it won't take them 3 hours queueing in banks to just cash a cheque,whilst everywhere else on earth takes 10 minutes max.

It's little things like this that makes me glad I had moved.


Anonymous Alicia said...

OMG Mili! You poor thing! That is the reason why I moved away from M'sia too! I couldn't stand the ignorance and inefficiency anymore! We are flying Emirates from Birmingham as I didn't want to deal with MAS as they charge such HEFTY fees for crap service!!! Hope you have this all sorted out soon, DEMAND for upgrade to 1st or Biz class, you deserve it! :o) Maybe see u at home!

5/19/2006 01:38:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

They reserved me on a flight that is leaving at 8pm at night to connect with a flight that is already half way around to Malaysia

CLASSIC. Only in Malaysia.

Ms, pay £4.10 for registered mail.Who paying for it? Of course you la miss, even though its our fault!

Priceless. Not even Mastercard can pay for it.

5/19/2006 03:44:00 PM  
Blogger mooiness said...

Wah lau eh. *vomits blood*

Proud to call myself Malaysian but at the same time, I'm embarassed by being associated with fucked up companies and mentalities like the one mentioned in your post. Sheesh.

5/19/2006 04:48:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Exactly.sibeh vomit blood.

I am also quite embarrased in being associated with the Worlds longest pencil, the world's longest pohpiah, world's longest time that someone hold a one cent coin ect. Now that's just a national embarrasment.

5/20/2006 10:17:00 PM  
Blogger dreymer said...

it's alright to complain because of their stupidity and poor customer service. imho i don't like your last sentence :-|

5/25/2006 02:07:00 AM  

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