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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Mini-me's to rule the world!

I got into work today with a staggering discovery that is causing me to piss my pants.

The first of my friends has started reproducing.

Those in their 30s will remember this moment, when thoughts of their immortality goes out the window to be replaced by the horrifying thought that the mates they used to party all night with, have long bitching sessions and inpromptu trips are now ruling the world with mini-me s.Oh the horror!

Your 20's are all about immortality, this is why we get into harmful habits, rave all night, drive like a madman posessed, spend money like they grow on trees and basically lead a totally hedonistic lifestyle. You believe that you will live to see forever, this is why we stay away from the insurance man and health checks. Nothing will slow you down, nothing will stop you. You have friends, you have parties, you have income. You travel the world, get RM200 facials, go for expensive dinners at the poshest Japanese eatery.

And then people start getting into serious relationships. Instead of Zouk they go to Mamak Zul. And they begin to tie the knot and scare everyone with angpows on chinese new year. Next they are living the suburban dream of a 3 bed roomed house in PJ/DU/DJ/SJ/Sunway complete with matching leather sofa, marble dining table and new Corelle plates just like your mother used to have. Instead of skimpy minis and impossibly high heels,they are now wearing their husband's tshirt and comfy Bata slippers. Instead of a MyVi, they are now investing in a station wagon.

(Don't worry, I still have elcheapo plates, second hand sofa and still tottering around in heels..:))

It is a completely horrifying thought, but yet, when it happens you apparently get so escastic and it is worth giving the thought of immortality up. At the moment, I am still in denial and believe myself to be immortal. I still fancy myself 'live fast and leave a pretty corpse'. I don't understand why am I getting queries from strangers on the bus to my parents as to when am I going to start popping out mini-me s.

I must admit, I have mellowed down considerably ever since I moved here. This is due to me being penniless, friendless and cold. I do want to get back into the tempo of things...I have started to make friends (more like one friend) but its ever so different without Kim Gary or mamak. I spent all of last night cleaning, cooking, gardening....reminding me of my mom. I wonder if our parents ever experienced this melancholy of losing their youths and being saddled with responsibilities. I wish I was still home, so instead of spending my time cleaning and cooking I can spend it yum char with my friends...but some of my closest friends are now reproducing or have moved away to follow their calling in life.

But apparently when you do get preggers, it is amazing.
Congrats maggy!


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