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Monday, April 24, 2006

Spring into spring

I love spring.The intermittent sunshine,the pouring rain, and the perfect temp. outside.It always reminds me of san francisco,where the weather is absolutely beautiful even during the darkest winter days or the hottest summer nights.I miss the Bay Area,where they say it is always enveloped in fog,but strangely enough,I have not actually been fogged in San Francisco during the times where it was my weekend home from Thursdays to Mondays.

Lately I have been going through some sort of withdrawal symptom for California. Spring here is quite similar, ableit with more grey skies and fluffly white clouds. I am missing California like never before..maybe because I was in denial before this...and I always thought I would return one day for my Masters...now, it's too late.

Due to my melancholy mood for the state I called home for three years,I went on a rampage at Gap over the weekend.I am quite addicted to Gap and its family of brands (Banana Republic & Old Navy) but here its really, really expensive and I've only bought one pair of corduroy jeans since I arrived 6 months ago. It really helped that Gap had a small sale section for mid-season clearance at ridicullious prices!

Damage? About £230 (RM 1564)

Denim jacket,every girl's wardrobe staple - £15 ; from £39.99
Corduroys - £15;from £29.99 (I got two pairs...hey,my office's flexible enough to enable me to wear it to work!!)
tshirt - £6.99 from £19.99
Tank - £6.99 from £14.99
Pink mini tee - £6.99 from £19.99

Shirt for Bacon - £14.99 from £39

PS: It helps that the last time I shopped in GAP (2002) I was a size US 12/10, and now I am a size US 6/4.Yes, still fat,but gloating at how far I've come...can or not??!!

Oh, and Gap is not my only victim..I bought two suits and ties from riverisland for Bacon as well..as a pre-birthday gift. It helps that prices were so slashed that they were only £60 per suit!

Can you tell that I got paid last week?Not much left now..

Anyway,back to California.I have been dreaming of blue,blue skies, iHOP pancakes, Denny's scrumpious t-bone steaks, The Red Lobster's yummy biscuits and lobsters...the list goes on. I remember the last week before I left where we (me, dree & elvin) was at Denny's nearly every day.Yes, this melancholy has something to do with dree's post on Fresno.Beat her, beat her!!


Blogger dreymer said...

hahaha.. don't beat me leh. i also crave for ihop. i hope where i go have krispy kreme!

5/05/2006 06:53:00 AM  

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