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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm a flirt...and proud of it.

" You are a girl mah, can wan lah, go manja that police man that you no money to pay the fine, fella will let you go wan"

Most of us girls know this...flirting is a very useful feminine tool. In this age of equality and girlpower, in our hearts of hearts we know that all is not as it seems. We still like it when men holds the doors for us, picks us up, pays for dates, buys us flowers, big huge diamonds. We also climb the corporate ladder, own hot cars and do all those things that boys do...like downing 10 drinks in a row, all with nothing more than a bat of the eyelash. So where does that leave us? In between total feminism and being stuck in the 1950s'. Admist advocates for both schools, most women aim for the middle ground, striking a balance between acting all butch and manly and the submissive housewife typical of the 1950s sitcom.

We know that looking at the waiter doe-eyed and pleadingly will get you that free cake. Pleadingly acting helpless with get you off the hook when you're stopped by the cops. I've had waiters comming up to me and my friend offering free flow cocktails...don't see them offering that to the guys who are there everyday for after work drinks. Everytime when I cross the road from Shangri-La hotel to Atmosphere, I always walk ahead of my guy friends, as the cars would stop when they see me,but not when they see my guy friends waving their helpless muscled arms trying to slow traffic down. Of course, this doesnt work when it's a woman driver you're trying to stop. I flirted with Bacon, and he literally finished my work on my behalf.

With all this freebies literally thrown at us girls at a bat of a mascara-ed eyelash, do women actually have it better and easier in life then? No, the glass ceilling is still there,up above us.Looks attainable, absolutely unachievable. Women are emotional, women take time off to give birth, women are not invited when the top bosses huddle together for a 'business' weekend in Thailand. A woman dating a few men at the same time is called a slut, a mistress-material...a man seeing several women is called a stud. A cheating woman is called a whore, a cheating man is just sowing his wild oats. A man who earns more than his wife is normal, whilst a high flying woman's husband will be tagged useless by the society.

I know I have gone off my high train on this blog. Objective of this post?Don't know...I was just lamenting the fact that now when I flirt and people know I'm married, it don't seem to work as well anymore. At a glance at my (now non-existent) wedding ring, men stay away from even striking a casual conversation with me.Bleah.

Does flirting work because at the end of the day, all men hope to pull by being 'nice'?


Blogger mooiness said...

The smarter men would be on to women's flirting. We enjoy it too and we do act nice in the hope of a root, but the more experienced would not be taken for a ride.

Other than that, yes flirting is an effective tool for women. And yes it doesn't work as well anymore when ppl know that you are married, and thus "unattainable". So what's the point of layaning you? ;)

5/17/2006 12:15:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Exactly lar..waste my energy hiao-ing now.bleahhh.

On another note, not that men are stupid,but alot of them choose to believe that they are god's gift to women when they have someone flirting with them, therefore feeling loved, wanted ect....that is the only reason I can fanthom for the millions of men falling into the honeypot of the womanly wiles of the bargirls and whores.

They are sick of the independent woman that earns more than them, preferring the whore that still makes them feel like a real MAN MAN.

Note that this doesnt apply to most men that I call friends..including my intelligent readers and of course moo..:P

5/17/2006 12:24:00 PM  
Blogger mooiness said...

Why thank you, thank you very much.

Yes some men like their egos rubbed. Heh.

Actually I wouldn't mind it if my future wife earns more than me. Sweet!

5/17/2006 12:59:00 PM  

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