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Friday, May 12, 2006

Dead blooms

My hyper gardening foray lasted approximately a week.

Seeing that it's been malaysia-like weather here ,I've been going out straight after work the last couple of days, and had completely neglected to water my garden.When I whinged about it, Bacon told me that it's ok...a couple of days without water is not death to plants...he should know,he has grown more things than me. So like a trusting little bunny, I ignored my garden for a few days,choosing to sit out and pretend im at a mamak.

I came home early yesterday,and decided to fill my watering can up before Bacon gets home and its dinner time. Imagine my shock when I realized my daisies are completely dead. Kaput. Die-liao. Boh-liao.Wilted.The stalks have an unnatural 10 degree bend downwards , like its 5.30 on the clock. The flowers have a faded shade of orange and pink..looking like orche color,or what I call shit-colored.So I poured about 1 liter of water in each pot, in hopes of reviving it.Waited for 30mins.Not ressucicated yet. Oh shit, I might have drowned it. Poured the water out..and then decided to re-water it. Still dead! How now?

Guiltily, I watered the rest of my plants, hoping to revive any who are on their way to veggie plot heaven. Strawberries are ok, chilly plants are ok, choy tum are ok...all still green.Good. Oh, picked up a couple of slugs whilst watering, systemetically trampling over some weed-like looking plants who seem like a 2-leaf clover...which Bacon later berated are my arugula/rocket sprouts...my seeds are sprouting and I killed them! Thank god I sowed quite a few of them, and there are still quite a number of sprouts left on my veggie plot. I'm such a gifted gardener.

Amazingly, my tomato seeds are also sprouting! Will be replanting them in a couple of weeks when they look less like a taugeh (beansprout) and more like a clover.Have not seen a sight of my sunflowers,beetroot,radish or carrots yet...I'm starting to get worried.

Being in such a foul mood, we went out for a drive in the countryside after dinner, looking at other people's veggie plots which are flourishing unlike mine.When we got back 2 hours later, I insisted on showing Bacon my dead daisies. Amazingly enough, most of the flowers are standing upright again! Yay! They had even started to lose their ochre looking pallor! There was only one drooping bloom left, and I hope it will be revived by today...we'll see.

I bow to the gifted greenfingers.


Blogger mooiness said...

A few days without water is ok one usually but you kiling your sprouts is classic. :P

5/12/2006 10:03:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Yeahlar...damn bimbo..:(

trample on it some more..I didn't realize until later I walked all over it again when looking for weed..systemetically kena scolding

5/12/2006 10:10:00 AM  

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