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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reality tv & le Bacons

The British (like the Americans) are crazy about their reality TV. It's a wonder if they can recall a time before xfactor,pop idol,Celebrity Fat Club,Britan's next top model,The apperentice, i'm a celebrity get me outta here,love island and the most insane of all...UK Big Brother.

Now, I had watched different version of Big Brother before, as most countries around the world have their own series.It mostly faded away after a season or two.For those clueless few, this show dumps a dozen or so people in a house where they will need to live together without tv,internet,radio,reading materials ect. No communications with the outside world,bla bla bla..basically you have more freedom in prison,other than the fact that you can shag each other. Oh,and learning to live with your every move being televised on national tv...there are cameras even in the loo where you can see housemates wiping themselves after having just done one. Eew.

Big brother season 6 started 90 days ago in the UK..with the grande finale this friday.Everywhere else on earth, this will be treated with nothing more than a cursary mention in the papers.Here, ALL papers, including the Times,Guardian ect has full page spread on Big Brother and who's backstabbing who. And the tabloids will have full Big Brother editions, paying mega bucks to anyone who had slept with anyone in the house for a spill-all interview...which is nothing more than a so-and-so is soooo great in bed.

Anyway..I decided to check out what all the fuss is.And I am very ashamed to say,I am hooked.Hook line and sinker.I don't know what is the appeal of a house-full of backstabbing,bitching,whoring men and women, but le bacon have been so hooked we make sure we're home every friday to watch the eviction process.So hooked that Bacon had started voting for who to win;seeing that this week is the final week.

The thrill of this all is being a voyeur and judging who's a bitch and who's a good boy,who's bound to sleep with who ect,somewhat like The Sims but more emo.I guess in a way its like blogging.People who blog exposes so many different facets of their life to to general public withot realizing that little by little, readers do paint a picture of you.And somehow,there are so many other facets of a person that you don't see,therefore you judge them on what they want you to see or what you believe you see.You might believe that the people on reality shows are who they choose you to see,but you DON'T KNOW THEM. Maybe people just like to be given the opportunity to bitch about someone they don't know personally.I know le bacons had started discussing about who we hate more, essentially bitching about people we don't know personally.

And its just ironical that on the final eviction, le bacons would be out in a field somewhere with no access to tvs.By chance,not by choice.What is your experience with reality TV shows, and do you think they should replace mainstream TV shows?


Blogger mooiness said...

I agree with you about how blog readers form a mental image of your personality by reading your blog. Though sometimes they project what they want to see in a person onto you as well. It's a combo.

As for reality TV replacing mainstream TV - never! Shit, we don't want more ppl who don't deserve to be famous become famous. As voyeuristic and guilty-pleasuring those shows are, I feel that we shouldn't encourage narcissistic behaviour. :P

8/16/2006 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Its scary how everyone's so into reality tv here.I'm used to discussing last night's Wah Lai Toi 8.30pm & 9.30pm drama plots..not big brother contestants!

It might be cheaper producing a reality TV show,but can anything really replace CSI, House, Friends ect?It has come to a point that that is all people here seem to watch..

8/16/2006 01:27:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Oh, and most of the female contestants of big brother admits that they are there for the exposure,trying to break into modelling,acting or just being plain famous for fame's sake.

*puke blood*

If you can't suceed via the mainstream auditions ect,you do NOT deserve it anyway.

8/16/2006 01:29:00 PM  

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