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Friday, September 08, 2006

Enter sandman dreams

Not many people can remember their dreams - and I am one of them who can never remember my dreams.Other than the occasional dream when I would be walking around barefooted and feeling really humiliated. I don’t know why, seeing that I love going barefoot usually, but this was the only recurring dream that I remember.

However, yesterday's dream was so bizzare that I woke up thinking how am I going to blog about it. I know..its like how more lame can I get…dream also dream about blogging.Now that I rehashed the dream in my mind, it seemed lamer than ever, so the below might be real boring reading but I am going to pen it down anyway. I wanted to catch dreybee to tell her this,but since I've not seen her online in donkey years, I shall just blog it

Dreybee met my ex bf only once before, as she was still back in Fresno when I started going out with him. We always talked about going over to his restaurant for a meal but that never materialized whilst I just got bigger and bigger wolfing down carbonara and delicious tataki of tuna.

Anyhoo, yesterday I dreamt that we were back together again…and for some reason, dreybee was coming out clubbing with us (me and him never did any clubbing together before) . We both (me and dreybee) wanted to have dinner first at a posh restaurant,but D was whinging that he wants to go some hawker stall. He whinged so much we decide to 'lose' him, so we headed towards 1Utama,where we planned to run away from him as soon as we arrived (why would we want to do that instead of just asking him to get lost is beyond my sleeping self). But as we were getting into the carpark, he whinged again and made a sharp u turn towards 1utama 2's parking instead. And this kept happening…and I keep trying to dump him, but he whinged so much I couldn't get a word in…we even tried just opening the car door and jumping out .And in my sleeping self, all this happened within the 6-hour window that we apparently picked dreybee up and drove around whinging.

Maybe it's got to do with the fact that he was and still is (according to mutual friends) very critical of everyone and the only opinion that is right is his. Maybe it's because he puts people down to make himself seem better, but no one ever seem to be able to tell him that it's wrong to do that and get away unscathed.Maybe because I knew the relationship was wrong for me and yet I stayed with him for so many moons because I was afraid.Of being alone of going without. Of wasting my time, of wanting him to be the last love of my life. He hurt me so much I got myself tattoed, lost myself drinking and I stayed single for nearly 2 years. Maybe I needed to realize that I am now out of a psychologically torturing relationship and should appreciate Bacon more admist all his flaws and irritating-ness (we were fighting yesterday because I did not want to bring his Michael Schumacer poster with us to our new home) .

I don’t know,but I do find the whole thing oh so strange.Anyone can read dreams?What were your strangest dream?

smalltalk: Bloody hell, Blogger is eating up my pictures again!


Blogger mooiness said...

Dreaming about blogging? Heh it has happened to me.

Your dream about the ex-bf, maybe it's a form of closure? Or it's a manifest what you wished you had done all those years ago?

As for my strangest dream I can't really remember the details but it was something along the lines of dreaming within a dream. Like I'd wake up in the dream *from* a dream. Spin out, man.

9/08/2006 06:02:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

The mooi spin-off comedy!

9/09/2006 07:08:00 PM  

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