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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A dying redang

Not many things in this world makes me cry - other than breakups and fights with the bad boyfriends . But this is making my heart ache and my eyes wet.

My last view of Redang

Yes, I have an obsession with marine life. I love beaches more than anywhere else on earth, even big bustling cities. I am never happier than when left alone with the fishes or just lazing on the white sandy beach. Swimming with sharks and turtles has left me awed with the beauty of the ocean, and how lucky Malaysia is to boost some of the best islands in the world (in my experience - miles better than the famed Bali or Philiphines' Boracay). Being a grumpy cancer, it helps that I have been brought up close to the seas on an island to adventure loving parents who brought me fishing when I was a month old, by 4, I was expertly stringing worms as baits.At age 24, I wake up early in beautiful Perhentian and join the dive shop owner as she trawl the beaches picking up yesterday's rubbish.

Like many things, beauty is exploited when no proper training/warning/education is given to the gazillions of tourists that throng the famous 3 of the west coast of Malaysia; Perhentian, Redang and Tioman. It's sadder still that those who regularly pollute the islands are Malaysians. But there are no lack of irresponsible uneducated overseas tourists as well - I nearly strangled the bro-in-law when he mentioned that it would be nice to have an aquarium filled with corals and coral fishes i.e. nemo-like. Bacon had to hold me down I kid you not. I can't understand why would someone kidnap nemo for their own viewing pleasure.

Corals which take thousands of years to grow and mature can be broken with a kick of a swimming foot. Some people believe that since everyone else is doing it, why not them? Dead corals,washed up on the beach, disintergrate and turn into the beautiful white sand that you lie on.

Leave nothing but footprints, bring nothing but memories. In Redang's case, it it too late now…but there is still time to rescue whatever that is left. Do not allow Redang to turn into Pangkor, where even the locals have not seen a live coral in years.


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