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Monday, January 22, 2007

best wedding presents are free

I was just commenting on the scarfer's blog, which brought into mind a hilarious story

You know how when you get married and all, it's quite strange to think about your ex boyfs/ ex gfs? Like how would you feel when someone tells you that your ex is getting hitched?Its like a combination of awe, shock,self degradation,confusion bla bla bla…esp if you had not kept in contact

Not many people have this sort of relationship, but many of my ex's friends had ended up being really close friends of mine...mostly closer to me than him . To get an idea how many of them, they had roughly made up half of my wedding party when I got hitched in July.

In particular was Mr KFC, the ex's closest heng tai (brudder) - I've known him ever since the ex and I first got together 9 years ago.

The day before the wedding, he rang the ex, just to tell him that he's in Penang.

Mr KFC: Eh, I'm in Penang
Ex: Heh?What you doing in Penang
Mr KFC: You donno meh?Your ex gf getting married - I'm attending her wedding
Mr KFC: Yeahlor, she marrying some kwai lou
(can you see the story line here of the catalystically shocked?)
Mr KFC: Oklah, got to go already bye!

HILARIOUS.Best wedding present I can ever get.Thanks frankie-goes-to-hollywood.


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