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Monday, January 22, 2007

domesticated weekends

It snows tonight according to the Beeb!!!


Wait a minute.How am I supposed to get to work tomorrow - walk through snow and slush?And not to mention awaiting the mostly-late bus in the freezing cold.

Not a good idea after all.

I have a confession.Over the weekend, we added another member to our family.An infant,in fact - which at the moment we call Boris


And he is very cute


It’s a hamster!

I had been sick all last week, and not feeling happy at all.On Sat, Bacon got me a teeny weeny hamster just before he left for football whilst I stay at home to get better .Its sort of striped with a black face and a black bottom,but a spotted white midriff.He must be about 4 weeks old - on the threshold of hammy adulthood.

Hamsters are what I call starter pets because of the ease of care needed to keep a hamster happy, but I had never had hamsters before.They self-entertain, don't need much attention and are quite the conversation piece..Bacon has been staring, completely obsessed at its coming and goings since we got him. Oh, and of course, the cat is frankly amused. Why would we want to keep something that he hunts on a regular basis in a cage?He has had a couple of swipes at hammy, which has balls of iron. Hammy climbs on the wires on his cage and literally within kissing distance with the big black cat,sniffing around. It's like taunting,"eat me,eat me!".Suffice to say, the cat has been obsessed with watching it as well, it's more like his pet.

Anyway, hammy has been hoarding its food and bedding in it's exercise wheel. And not to mention he's shitting, peeing,eating, cleaning, sleeping AND excercising all in the wheel.I think our little boy is un peu fou n'est pas?

Other happenings of the weekend - I succesfully made nasi lemak! I am so cheezed off that I can't upload pictures! I have been sincerely following my new year's resolution of a Malaysian dish a week - so far I've done Kangkung belacan (fried water spinach with shrimp paste); Sambal telur (spicy paste deep fried hard boiled egg); Hainan chicken rice and last week, Nasi Lemak complete with sambal and curry. (yes, I have photographical proof of all)

The only problem with my nasi lemak was lack of pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) which gives it the fragant smell that tells it apart from normal rice.Otherwise, it was quite passable and I would gladly make it again.Wait a min, maybe I thought it was good because I was sick..hmm.I even made lotus seed soup at the same time - making it two dishes this week.Getting better at this cooking thing - we bought a breadmaker and slow cooker as well over the weekend so more adventures to come along. Eating out is an expensive venture here in the UK, with simple meals regularly costing £10 per person - add that up to 4,5 times (at least) a week for two persons, it builds up.However, if I can make delcious food at home, I feel much better for not eating out…and I must say, if I could find restaurants that do passable malaysian dishes like what I've managed to whip up, I wouldn't actually mind paying the premium for it.So maybe it's a good thing that at the moment, I cook the best Malaysian food in the whole of Leeds!(yeah right)

In other news, dreybee turned 21 over the weekend! YaY!Happy B Birthday dreybee buzz buzz.

So, how was your weekend?


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