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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oz day 11- And it rains in paradise...zz

Christmas in the sun V 5

We woke up, went shopping,ate,came home,slept,the end.

You think I'm kidding?

After such a tiring couple of days, we were supposed to take it slow today, and head down to the world famed bondi beach.However, after 3 days of perfect weather, it was bound to happen - it rained cats and dogs all day long. We hopped from one shopping centre to another,not buying anything in particular.In fact,I think the only thing I bought in our 'shopping trip' was a rip curl luggage…and that’s a shared purchase,so nothing magnificient.

Had lunch at Nandos for their 'chicken riblets', which is only available in OZ, tender chicken collarbone meat that is finger lickin good.And that's about it really! No kidding.Oh.Had a couple of KrispyKreme - found them lurking at the corner of a foodcourt *smirks*

The Swarovski christmas tree at QV shopping centre (next to town hall)

So the pretty...

Did not do much at night,but my handy guidebook speaks of a all-you-can-eat ribs at hard rock café….which is strangely enough located at Kings Cross again.Because we had not purchased any bus all day ride tickets today,I had to make that trek up again..


It is very strange where this Hard Rock is. We went up and down the street looking for it,and passed right by it because it was so inconspicious. Hard Rocks are usually in the middle of town..but anyway

Ordered a full rack of ribs to be shared between us.Due to the utterly non-existant service, I was too hungry by the time the food finally arrived 50 minutes later.When I asked to be seated by the bar area (so I can actually snap pictures with the skylight the rude waitress looked at me like as if I was dumb, "You can either sit ON the bar or at the dining area". Prick. I then asked what is the area by the bar called,wildly gesturing I WANT TO SIT THERE….she then reluctantly explained herself that the bar area are fully booked. There was about 10 customers at that time in the whole restaurant.Bitch.

This was one of the problems that I would regularly have with restaurants in Sydney.It takes them too bloody long to serve the food up, 45mins is de rigeur.If you are hungry, make sure you snack before to ruin your appetite…because the laidback attitute sometimes translate into the tidak-apa attitute, so servers don’t care what you really want…or they are not very helpful bordering on rudeness.Granted, there are exceptions to the rule, Fullhouse was manned by a very very friendly and efficient waitress and Don Don serves their food up on the double. I just realized that both are asian restaurants.Hmm..

/rant over

The only thing that I manage to snap a picture of is the American brownie, because by then I was satieted enough to not lose it any more

No light=bad picture

ps:this is post 301.I've come a long way:)


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