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Monday, December 05, 2005

Housewife playing ball..

Not many desparate housewives get taken to football games away from their ironing and sewing,so I should probably think myself lucky..Yeah,yeah, this siu lai lai lifestyle bit and not doing anything all day is getting to my head

For those new here, Si's really into football.I mean really.We would go into Leeds United Fanclub store and he tells me I can have anything and everything I want in the store.Not like as if I want to. He's also a season ticket holder for the past donkey years,so that means that I lose him everytime there is a home game going on.Which is weekly,if not more.

So,last weekend his fellow season ticket holder couldnt go to a game,so I got lucky and went to my first English footy experience.We set off quite early and parked about a mile away cos we refuse to pay for parking (£4 ok!!!).Being a regular KL-lite,I hate to walk and bitched all the way.

I'm not sure whether he's happier or me that we arrived at last..

It was bloody cold,as expected.
Wrapped up like a wonton,I felt absolutely fat and huge..I had two sweaters inside excluding my coat,my hat on and gloves.

Hotties stretching before the game..we are white (Leeds United) and Leicester City's in blue.

One very strange thing about Leeds United fans.They are in the second division,which is not the same as the premier league of the famed Chelsea,Arsenal and infamous Man U.They were in the premier league about two years ago, and obviously played opposite the more famous football clubs.Because there are certain clubs that the Leeds United fans absolutely hate,they have songs against them,to be sung when they are playing each other.

So it was bizzare when the whole stadium went, "Manchester, quack quack quack!!"Err,hello,you guys are playin against Leicester,not Man U,haven't played against Man U in years!Hahaha...and then "Chelsea go go go home".Same bloody hilarious thing!

Run,baby run!

At half time, we were leading 1-0 and I am not the only one freezing..

Opposition stretching,accompanied by endless Boos.I tell you,you need really high self esteem to play football.Either that or you'd go back home after every away game feeling like the whole world's against you and nobody loves you..awww.

My previous football experience consists of happy memories of my dad bringing me to god knows what football games and me concentrating on my kacang putih munching. And obviously my guy mates glued to the telly whenever football games are on...I would usually know the season's arrived when they tell me that they are not going out for the next month.

At second half,Leeds were playing really lousy.When Leicester scored, tonnes of fuckyous and go home and get losts were screamed.I have been told at times that I have the mouth of a fishmonger,but I've never heard so much mass swearing before in my life! No wonder there are football hooligans,these people take their football really seriously. They come with kids and babies and wheelchairs.Brave their team jerseys (short sleeved!)in the biting cold and all.

Lady luck was on our side (maybe beginner's luck for me..hehe,si,bring me to all your games!)because we won 2-1.What's more,Leicester got a red card immediately after Leed's second goal and were down to 10 men.That was hilarious..because that idiot actually pushed the referee..it's like spitting on your headmistress' face,you KNOW that you're gonna get it..hiaks hiaks hiaks

All in all, a throughly enjoyable experience and hilariously funny to be part of the atmospheric group, despite the long walk and the biting cold..I felt "yit hei" and feverish when I got home and was really drained from my 'exercise'.

Can I go again...please? *batting eyelashes*


Blogger mooiness said...

Wahahah this is a good story. I'm not a big football person myself so what is it that got Leeds United kicked out of the premier league? :)

12/05/2005 03:24:00 AM  
Blogger lishun said...

the obvious answer would be...they had a lousy season. har har. what a shame. a couple of seasons ago they actually looked like threats. btw, great entry. i can't wait til the day i get to watch a footie match live too...

12/05/2005 09:17:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Leed's been on a roll this season,so we're hoping that they'll move up a league by the end of this season.

But they do need to buck up if they are to move up a league.

Correct me if I am wrong,but every season, the bottom 2 of the premier league gets kicked to the second division league and the top two of the secon division goes up to the premier league.

And then the 3rd,4th and 5th of the second division table will fight for a spot in the premier league, and vice versa in the premier league.

I can't believe I am giving a rundown on footy..

12/06/2005 12:33:00 PM  
Blogger mooiness said...

sourrain: wahahah you learnt quick!

12/07/2005 02:40:00 AM  
Blogger jeemin said...

sourrain : actually, the bottom 3 of the premier league get instantly relegated, whereas the 3rd to 5th team in division 1 (now called "the championship") have a series of matches called the play-offs to decide the 3rd team to get promoted. take it from an insane football fan for god knows how many years ;)

12/07/2005 04:12:00 PM  

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