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Friday, May 26, 2006

Only in Britian No. 2134

I have been looking for somewhere to bring my car this weekend...but my camping plans are ruined by the bout of rain rain rain that we've been getting all week. Looking around the web for somewhere to go this weekend, I found myself looking into a cheese rolling festival:

Of all Britain's weird and wonderful customs and traditions, the annual cheese rolling races at Cooper's Hill in Gloucestershire must be among the strangest - and certainly the most spectacular.
It takes place every year on Cooper's Hill near Brockworth in the last weekend of May, and it sees scores of men and women hurtle 200 yards down a near vertical slope in pursuit of a seven-pound Double Gloucester cheese.


A guest 'roller' releases the cheese at his command: "One to be ready, two to be steady, three to prepare - and FOUR to be off".

In the past the race day has also included a fair that took place at the top of the hill, with 'grinning through horse-collars' (also known as 'gurning), shin-kicking and wrestling. There had been known cases of people getting hurt; the 2000 winner retired in 2002 after a severe roll into a fellow cheese chaser.

There are a few 'events' in this cheese rolling festival...with four downhill mad rush for the cheese and an uphill race for only the fittest. Apparently it is an age-old tradition, this chasing after a cheese.

For more info, click here.

I might just be tempted. Cheesy, but true.


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