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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A gardener's tale

I don't believe I've picked up gardening with deft hands. With my fluorescent green gloves (hate dirt under my nails) and green watering can, I have been religiously watering my little plot for nearly two months.

unripen strawberries
My 3 varieties of strawberries

little gems..
From left to right, rocket, little gem,carrots & sunflower. Can you see my pink aunty laundry basket at the background?

row of lettuces
Closeup of my 'mixed oriental salad'

row of radishes
Radishes, with more of the 'mixed oriental salad' on top right

little tomatoes
My tomato plants in a bag..

The fruit of my labour! Now tell me that don't look luscious

first fruits!
My small pathetic radish..the only reason I planted radishes was because they are apparently the fastest growing vegetable

I do feel that I'm like a lost sheep in a big city, but the other way around.It's like being in a kindergarten class...I did not know that straberries grow from the centre of the flowers.Yeah,me is stupid city girl.I proudly asked my mother..but she shut me up by saying of course she knows.Hehe.

Its highly amusing to see things grow from seed and I am frankly proud of myself to had actually planted a usable garden filled with interesting things.I do wish they would grow faster though...my highly impatient nature is taking its toll on the slow creeping growth of my plants.I get highly offended when I find things have been eating into my plants....I found holes on my chilly plants on saturday and placed an SOS call to my mother...people call their mothers to ask for recepies, me to ask for ways to protect my plants.I even bought some Miracle-Gro thingy to make my plants bloom faster!

I guess there are things that you miss when you are a city-zen...like the joys of seeing things grow..not to mention practicing your patience with the slow growth!


Blogger dreymer said...

i think this gardening stint is a sign that your maternal instinct is finally kicking in....


6/16/2006 05:45:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

But really lar.

If you want to come study here, you can stay with me and I will PAY you to take care of babies!

6/16/2006 08:09:00 AM  
Blogger sonikbyte said...

hey that's the 1st time i saw green strawberries

6/19/2006 07:39:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

sonikbyte: Yep, usually it's deep red when it reaches the supermarket.

Its hard to imagine our fruits(berries,cherries ect) being green isn't it?

6/19/2006 09:05:00 AM  
Anonymous maggie said...

they look great!!! i am goin to need those gardening tips from you when u are back.. :)

6/19/2006 11:11:00 AM  
Blogger sourrain said...

You also want to garden!?!?!?

What you wanna grow?I think better you ask my mother...I have no tips other than make sure it's watered..courtesy of my mother forcing me to water her plants daily for 1 hour..if I water for 30mins only she notices wan ok..

I had my rocket and radishes yesterday..yummers!!

6/19/2006 11:36:00 AM  

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