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Friday, September 22, 2006

bienvenue au bon weekend!

Since Wednesday, I've been waking up thinking that it's Saturday. I hate the shock when I actually snapped out of my dream and had to roll out of bed.But tomorrow shall bring no such shock!

A lot going on this weekend:

Winter clothes
With the looming freezing weather, it's time to chuck out my beloved slippers of all guises and slap on warmer shoes. I have a pink suede handbag that needs a coordinating shoes, I need a new winter coat, I need warm work-clothes, a new pair of sneakers (you say trainers, I say sneakers)…the list continues.However, due to my looming need for a clothes dryer, a sofa, a chandelier ect…I can only buy one of each, and probably 4 warm tops and two pairs of pants (you say trousers I say pants - so kill me ). Last year's winter shopping wasn't very succesful due to pinched purse strings, but this year I should be much better off and there will be no need for me to salivate at clothes - I just make them mine! Spotted a couple nice winter coats, but since I can only buy one, I need to shop around to see if there's another that I like more. I still can't decide if I want to go all-out in a fire engine red coat or the virginal white direction. With cute buttons or big bow? With turtleneck or a cute doll-like round neck collar?

York Festival of Food
This one's a gem! Heading over to York on Sunday for a pigout session and probably joining the ale trail.I get excited with anything that has to do with food - gluttony knows no bounds. I wanted to head over for a leisurely Sunday buffet at my fav thai place - but I'll probably forgo that and head over to the food festival instead. Sneakily, I might try to wing a side trip to the York Factory outlet to replenish body shop smellies - depends on how nice Bacon is feeling on sunday

House stuffFirst buyer coming over tonight to view mi casa. I still think we're selling the house short - but its too late now. Need to make my bed when I get home tonight and wash a couple of plates - as usual,my house is a huge mess. Heading over homebase over the weekend to look at some sliding doors for my wardrobes ect..the usual homely stuff. Need to start planning plants for the spring - I'm still amused at planting my own lillies, tulips and daffodils.And of course, I need to source for boxes and pack my life. Again.


Blogger Otto said...

I was in York last weekend! Beautiful place, I must say =)

How long have you resided in the UK? Me curious... as for I, I shall be heading home next week. Escape winter and return when the weather's fine again...

Good luck with your coat. I'll place my bet on a fire engine red one!!!

9/22/2006 11:23:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Otto: Yes York is pretty isn't it! I love it there, it's what an English town is all about in my Enid Blyton books!Complete with castles, horses, fudge shops and Betty's tearoom! Imagine my disillusion when I landed at industrial Leeds instead..bah.

I've been here for 10 months - survived through one cold lonely winter with another one comming up. I hate the fact that the sun sets at 4pm. Lucky you to be heading home next week to warmer shores..heading back here again for late may?

9/25/2006 09:01:00 AM  

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