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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

money makes the world go 'round

Its not funny man.

After a drought of picture-less blogs, I had, at last, stole Bacon's memory stick off his phone and brought it into work to upload. And just realized that either my usb drive is not working/memory card not working/usb memory card reader not working. Or all three.
Is it a sign of bad things to come?

For the life of me, I can't understand the need to attend three interviews. I passed interview no.1 with the big boss. Interview no.2 was with his wife (???). Now, on the verge of handing in my goodbye sneer, I am required to attend interview no. 3 with another board member - at a yet unconfirmed date. WAHLAU. I had never been for three interviews for the same job before.I mean, you would think that by the second interview they would know if they want you.I want a yes or a no, if it's a no, at least I can get on with life and figure something else out. Now it’s a 'very promising' maybe. I'm a bag of nerves again and it shows.

Actually I'm afraid that at interview no 3 they might just figure out that my mandarin is total shite.Yes, they don't know yet. Cheeky I know, but I've not been given the opportunity to explain!

I swear,if I get this new gig I'll treat myself to a brand new T-10 in white. And maybe a car.

Weekends with harajuku cat are always a constant bleed to the pursestrings. We started out at a Burberry clearance store and she walked away with a gray knit dress. And me, I bought a sweater for the outlaws' christmas care package. Sigh.I know, how caring of me.

Then headed off to Thorntons Café , where the Seville Orange Choc Mousse that I had was to die for. Literally. Many times over. Harajukucat's Lemon tart was a statement in all it's tartness as well - I think we will be going to thorntons' from now onwards instead of my favourite jaded starfux joint.

The carnage to my purse continues at M&S, where I purchsed 3 pairs ofThe carnage to my purse continues at M&S, where I purchsed 3 pairs of these . All the same color,just different sizes. Bargin abound, these are in storage for christmas distribution - but I've started wearing mine. Harajukucat was good in M&S - she didn't get anything at all!

Then we were off to Gap, where I can literally be the poster child for (Yesterday I was top to toe outfitted in GAP), I grabbed a cord skirt and a pair of work pants - and matched it with a brown sweater that I already have in white. In an effort to curb my usual craziness in GAP, harajukucat talked me out of buying the cord skirt, and I hypothesized (correctly) that Bacon would disown me if I bought that sweater in brown as well as having the exact same one in white. So, damage for a pair of work pants = £22, which is painless, compared the the hundreds of pounds that I've spent in GAP this year.

( I probably love GAP because I am a comfortable size 6 (US) there. ANYTHING in size 6 fits me …and for someone who used to be a size 12 (US) , it is VERY important to keep the illusion that I am not fat. An illusion,mind you)

Next up is Next - and this, I entirely blame on harajukucat. I never go into Next if I was shopping alone, their clothes never fit me well enough and I hate having to search through so many racks before getting to my ideal size/design. However, harajukucat always walks away with great bargins from there, and this time was no different. We trawled through a bucketfull of hoiseries (tights, stockings,socks,footless tights, holdups) not realizing that it was only £1 each. End damage? £5 each and enough hoiseries to last us for a year.

I have so many shopping bags that I left my fire engine coat in her car...another new purchase just made two weeks prior.Sigh.I am but an unfaithful lover clad in my dreams of becoming a bonafide fashionista.

Sunday was family day - we visited Bacon's family, the pigsty. Literally. And not the human kind,in case you think I'm having a bitchy moment.More to come with pictures.



Blogger mooiness said...

I would have bought 3 pairs of the same pants but diff colours. At least THAT would make sense to me. But I never do understand women and their shopping to begin with. :P

10/31/2006 03:47:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

I know. it's a carnage I tell you.Blood everywhere,no money to buy tissues to wipe it all off.

And I'm considered one of the good ones with regards to shopping(Bacon will vouch for that - although I dont think so anymore after the past two weeks!). I don't have appropriate clothes for winter, due to my jobless elcheapo-ness last winter - so I'm making up for two winters!

Even dreybee is starting to think me crazy for buying so much.

I forgot to mention that on top of the above, I've also bought a pair of shoes,a suit, two tops,a hat and the abovementioned fireengine coat. All within the space of 2 weeks.

Oh, I forgot - a white sweater and a black cardigan in the mix - plus a pair of GAP Jeans

10/31/2006 04:05:00 PM  
Anonymous harajukucat said...

hey don't blame your 'spending like a mad woman' on me! retail therapy is good for my stress levels - biker thinks the grey dress makes me look like a granny!

10/31/2006 10:50:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Hahahah! Tell him that granny is in fashion this season.He should go granny too in a matching grey cardi complete with pearlised buttons.

But I cant imagine you in that grey dress climbing atop one of his bikes...

11/01/2006 10:12:00 AM  

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