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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Christmas withdrawal

It is over at last. After numerous presents,it is over,and my tree is bare of any pretty presents. It sure has been like Santa's been....I have recevied presents from people that I have no idea who they are..relatives of Bacon's relatives.Nothing small mind you,I received a £20 GAP voucher and some £50 odd quid from the same person.And silly bacon has no idea how is that particular person related to him,which made it more like christmas!

With Bacon telling one and all that I like pink,I now have loads of presents in all sorts of glaring pinks.From an ah lien metallic leather purse (which I have returned..:P) to pink piglet scarf to bath robe, I am going on pink withdrawal! And because I asked around for availibility of facials (hello,bride to be here!), I have received a fucking face steamer.Don't play play ok...a face steamer! Hahahaha.Complete with scrubs and masks ect to allow me to turn into cinderella.

It's the apres noel sales now,which is totally amazing because most things are at 50% off.Cute christmas boxed sets are all at 50%off...I got myself boxed creams and stuff from Body Shop,went crazy at boots and will be off to Marks and Spencer's soon.I love this sale...at last I can afford to buy myself some new clothes. Did not get much though,other than the 7 pairs of socks..I never used to wear socks in Malaysia,always preferring to go barefooted.

Anyway...to my fav topic,xmas foods!!

Dinner at the mother-in-law's
by the candlelite
xmas with trimmings
Duck and turkey with all the trimmings

sparkling pud
Traditional Christmas Pud with sparklers..yay

geeky house
We made a gingerbread house...this is Bacon's geeky side

bacon and peas
All puffed out..Bacon is so full that I am able to balance wasabi peas on the ridge of his big fat tummy

And then...Dinner with the father-in-law;ableit in a hotel
Smoked salmon starter
Smoked salmon...sibeh good leh.

Pink beef yum
Bacon's pink roast beef

Lamb with leek mash
My 'pink' lamb

And the piece de la resistance...sticky toffee pudding.Looks like shit (literally) but one bite and I'm hooked!
Sticky toffee pudding

Sorry all for the quality of the pictures...I was with 'adults' so I did not want glaring looks at what a crazy loon this new addition to the family was.Oh well,when I am officially in,I will trot around asking everyone to stop eating so I can snap away

How was everyone's christmas?


Blogger mooiness said...

What did I do for Xmas? Erm nothing I woke up late from clubbing the night before. :P

Except for masses of ppl shopping everywhere in Singapore, it didn't feel "christmas-y" for me.

12/29/2005 03:35:00 PM  
Blogger dreymer said...

babes!! the food looks fucking good. you're making me salivate la damnit. wahhhh the traditional christmas pudding w/ sparkles. that's so cute la.. maybe i can do for cny. put sparkles on.... hmm... what ah?

12/31/2005 03:05:00 AM  

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