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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy christmas!!!


Its christmas but it's not white..bah.Rather,the sun's shining brightly and it looks like a bitterly cold winter's day outside.And I am happy with my pressies..:).Well,so far.I have only opened Simon's presents and we'd need to go around to get give and receive presents from other people.And I am seriously getting fat with all the christmas cheer of food and drinks.This is like kwai lou chinese new year,nonstop eating and snacking.

Complete tree with pressies
The tree's looking good

Poohed socks
Sorry,no makeup.Don't shriek!My pooh indoor socks with a 3D pooh head.Heehee.So I won't have cold feet and stun Bacon in the middle of the night again.

Bacon searching under the tree for pressies


What did I get?Makeup,clothes,necklace,book on digital photography ,the funky socks and a sweater. Oh! And a mini tripod!
Bacon received a tshirt,Burberry Touch (yum),books,candy and lingerie.As in girl's lingerie.More like a gift for me..:D

And we both ended up giving each other £60.Which was really strange...he wrote me a card with £60 and I wrote him a card with £60 inside as well.Hahaha!

Off to the in-laws soon...for a long night of boozing and eating and snacking and talking shit.I think.I am just getting fatter and fatter and fatter..

Happy christmas all!
P.S: The two tubes of Colgate glaringly visible under the tree is not a gift for some sod...we bought them for us and just 'conviniently' left it under the tree,as it is whitening toothpaste..thought it might just bring the cheer of a white christmas.


Blogger dreymer said...

melly kerismas!!! your pooh socks so cute leh! feel like biting the head off! the tree turned out good.

12/26/2005 03:45:00 AM  
Blogger Kynne said...

Merry Christmas! Even if it's 2 days late. :o) Cute socks, hehehehe. :o)

12/27/2005 02:07:00 AM  

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