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Monday, November 20, 2006

home is where your stuff is

I rushed back to old house at 3.30…arriving to find that most of our junk had been moved in the first load,leaving me with other ect items and also stuff to trash i.e. mucky sofa.Cleaned up with the mil a little, leaving the house dirty would cost about £500 in deposit..reminding me of my apartment in Fresno. Catcat was running around dead scared - there were strangers everywhere and nothing in the house. He was a rescue cat - was found locked in a garage when his owner had moved out..so he had reasons of being afraid when he sees things being moved out of the house.

Anyway it is now spick and span and ready for anyone to move in. Seeing that it was pitch black at 6pm, we moved into the mil's house complete with catcat in tow..set him up with food and water, and he seemed a little calmer then.Popped down to get some chinese takeaway in - I've had so much takeaway food I swear my blood is 50% msg flavoured now..Aji-no-motooo…

Bright and early on Sat morn @7.30am, had leftover fried rice (they were amused at the fact that I can eat fried rice for breakfast - hey, if I can have iHOP's pancakes-steak-eggs platter for breakfast, fried rice is nothing). Enegrised, I eventually got to see new home - boxes strewn all over the place, my mattress and shoe cabinet in the kitchen next to rotting container of tofu. Imported Kev over to help move boxes

He's that guy on the right - yes, he's single girls

He was so helpful that in under 4 hours, all the boxes were at the correct rooms and all the furniture were properly placed….after being stuffed all day in the downstairs lounge. . Mind you, he moved most of the boxes alone as Bacon was back in the old house clearing out the shed.I unpacked utensils and other kitchen stuff ect..by 2pm we've cleared the kitchen to resemble the hearth of the house! I still have bags of bah kut teh spices, curry mixture ect in a huge KLIA bag sitting on the floor,but can't do much about that now..there simply isn't enough cabinets in the kitchen! Must have a dedicated cabinet for food soon…

By 3.30pm I was completely knackered - the rest of the weekend was spent buying more stuff - a trip to ikea (with many more to come), a tumble dryer,groceries to stock up for the week now that we live a fair distance away from shops, curtain poles and curtains.Did'nt get curtains after all - stole some off the mil for immediate use as I'm sure the neighbours are sick of seeing us walk around half nekkid.

Frankly, quite proud of the fact that we have most things sorted out in 2 days time…now I just need to get some cabinets to unpack my clothes in ! However, bacon's plumbed in the washing machine and I've even managed to wash one load of clothes yesterday..with 3 more to come.Can't wait till my tumble dryer arrives to produce crisp clean DRY clothes!

This DIY thing is so amusing to me…bacon drilling holes in the walls, moving stuff, choosing cutain poles ect…back in Malaysia I would get someone else to do all that.He was amused at the fact that I've not done any DIY…well, other than the spice rack I made in Kemahiran Hidup (Shop class) class when I was 14.

In other news, I hate Christmas. I have got to be the most miserly person on Christmas..I can't stand the fact that all the shops are always full, parking's a horror and traffic is a complete standstill. GRR! And I have to come up with my own xmas list as well for gifts I want and also start buying gifts for other people…I hate I hate I hate….such a scrooge aren't I?But it's gotta be done, and hopefully this weekend I'll start some shopping around.Have some ready stocking stuffers,but no major purchases yet for the outlaws.


Anonymous dreyming of a white christmas said...

i made an orchid hanger for KH. what a bitch.

anyway, i don't understand why you hate christmas. it's the most beautiful time of the year ;)

11/21/2006 04:17:00 PM  
Blogger sourrain said...

Ooo yes i think there was a choice...I remember that orchid hanger thingamajig...I also remembered I hammered someone's fingers during KH.Poor girl.

It is if you're not stuck in traffic and kinda 'forced' into buying presents..and it's not one or two presents,its roughly 3 presents per person.

11/22/2006 11:06:00 AM  

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